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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The specific need of nutrients;

The need of diversified dietary, at the age of growth, at the age of adult, the nutritional evolution;

Preserving well-being;

Food imbalance mischief;

More and more people are complaining about being permanently tired. 
Often their difficulties are simply due to food imbalances.

The benefit of diversified diet:

Food is indeed an essential parameter of the proper functioning of the organism, 
and in our well-being. Healthy eating means having a diversified diet, 
adopted at your age and way of life. However, this does not mean that 
there should never be an excess, the differences are not harmful when they are occasional. 
Eating is not only a necessity, it is also a pleasure. 
Most of the events that mark our lives, such as family celebrations, religious celebrations, etc.
Give rise to feasts in which dietetics have no place. 
This is not very serious because the main thing is that the daily diet is healthy 
and adapted to the real needs of each one.
The food requirement at the age of growth:
In the early years of life and until the end of adolescence, 
growth requires a significant intake of calories and nutrients 
such as proteins, vitamins, minerals.
The food requirement at adulthood: 
As an adult, if vitamin and mineral requirements are the same, 
caloric intake should ideally be reduced, especially if you do not play sports. 
The diet becomes more delicate to balance, because the diet must be rich 
in essential nutrients without being too energetic. 
Calories should therefore be limited, as that provides little or no nutrients, 
such as those found in sweets or alcohol.
The evolving nutritional need:
With age, nutrient requirements evolve little by little without changing fundamentally. 
The decline in activity implies a decrease in the amount of calories required, 
while the need for vitamins and minerals does not change. 
In the elderly, there is often a loss of appetite, combined with a lack of energy 
for shopping and cooking, limiting the intake of nutrients at a time 
when the body is already using them less efficiently.
Preserving well-being:
Adopting a healthy diet is essential in circumstances such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, 
following a surgical procedure, a period of overwork or choosing a vegetarian diet. 
It is also a simple way of preserving its well-being and its continuation, 
avoiding excessive weight gain, protecting itself against certain diseases, 
in particular cardiovascular diseases, and reducing the risks of occurrence of certain cancers.
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