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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hazards of saturating the space by satellites;

Man and environments, the race to the outer space;

Human role in polluting outer space;

Benefits and harms of artificial Satellite;

Outer space surrounding the earth is witnessing today an unmatched invasion by man, of course this will produce tremendous environmental devastation, probably not anticipated yet by many people. The outer zone will be contaminated, like that of the terrestrial environment. As the result of human devastating activities, because there is a frantic race among the nations to arm this outer space with artificial satellites, which we can control today, but it is not obvious that we may be able to control them tomorrow. When having crammed surrounding space with these artificial devices, particularly, while they get amortized and exit out of work, the deaden satellites will be approaching slowly by slowly to the Earth's atmosphere and then some of them will turn to meteorites and meteors, as others will be falling to the ground above the heads of its inhabitants causing massive destruction's.

Launching a hundred and four satellites at once:

In this fourteenth day of February 2017 The Indian agency of Space Research fired a rocket carrying one hundred and four satellites in a single shot into outer space to be added to hundreds of satellites in outer atmosphere surrounding the Earth. This space racing will continue to no end. And tomorrow another agency will launch hundreds of artificial satellites at one time, so this outer area will be full filled inevitably with these satellites. At the end when the fullness overflows to double, these exotic objects will be colliding and fusing to each other to form a new core that will start growing little by little to be transformed into a new orbiting object around the Earth and then will be having a direct impact on the living Earth;

Human role in polluting environments:

Human being, after having polluted Earth’s environments and almost turning them into non-viable environments, here he is today invading the space, also to converting it into an environment that does not protect the ground living beings, but instead, may contribute to harm them;

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial satellites:

The utility of these devices placed in the outer space is very great and non estimated price, but the damages caused by the use of irrationalizing are also very large, think carefully and keep the work of God;
The Main Aim◄►Health For All ☼ Clean Environment

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