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Friday, February 3, 2017

The medical virtues of ginger;

The Ginger, medical virtues, beneficial; Warning;

The beneficial effects of Ginger;

The medicinal plant of Ginger;

Ginger is a perennial plant that grows in most sunny tropical regions. 
Its rhizome, highly appreciated in gastronomy, has several therapeutic properties. 
It protects the stomach, liver, pancreas, and facilitates digestion. 
In some countries Ginger is also used to decrease 
the inflammatory manifestation of rheumatism.

The Benefits of Ginger:

The roots of Ginger have long been used in Asian food as a spice. 
Today it is widely spread in Europe. Ginger is also known for its multiple Virtues. 
It is renowned as aphrodisiac. At low doses it seems safe for the body.

The medical virtues of Ginger:

Ginger has many medicinal properties. 
Among other benefits, Ginger is antibacterial, it helps to warm the body, 
it stimulates the immune system, it is ant allergic. 
This plant stimulates appetite, relieves nausea, 
especially that of pregnancy and motion sickness. 
It improves difficult digestion with bloating and intestinal gas by promoting biliary secretion. 
Ginger stimulates blood circulation. It acts on the sweat glands by stimulating them. 
This causes sweating. It would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and blood thinning. 
In external use a compress soaked with Ginger infusion can relieve muscle pain 
by stimulating blood circulation.


Ginger is contraindicated in case of gastric or duodenal ulcer.

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