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Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Piece of advice to avoid Cancer;

Dr Leonard Coldwell’s advices about avoiding and curing cancer;

Cancer prevention and self management;

Cancer causes and natural cures;  

The causes of cancer and any illness is lack of energy.
The main reason for this is chronic mental and emotional stress.
A highly motivated, exited person doesn’t get the flu.
There are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people.
They are not willing to change their diet, lifestyle and relationships.
If you want to know how to survive and cure yourself.
Talk to people who survived, not to sick people, and never give up.
It is a constant fight and so never gives up.
A high percent of all illness in the world is stress related.
When you are truly happy you are not likely to get sick, unless you are toxified or injured.
You can only get sick due to a sick state, such as lack of sleep, obesity, wrong diet and stress. Cancer can only grow in a body that is oxygen deprived, toxic and acid.  

The causes of stress:

The main root causes of stress are energy rundown.
Living in a wrong relationship, job, or making too many bad compromises causes stress.
When you don’t believe in your future, don’t love your life.
Don’t have goals; don’t like yourself as you live anymore.
And believe there’s no hope and no way out, all these cause stress.
But you can cure cancer in weeks, without taking medication, surgery or radiation.

The best medicine:

Prevention is the best medicine against cancer.
Eat 70 percent right, but if you’re ill, eat 100 percent right.
Make a goal sheet for future and look excited into the future.
No matter how old you are or what have happened in the past.
Then make step by step plan to achieve your goals.
Don’t look at the things you missed up, we all do it.
Cancer cannot grow in an oxygen rich alkaline environment.
Detoxify your body, and eat an alkaline diet.
Stop watching the bad news.
And never look at people harming other people on TV.
Look at the bright site of life.
People give up living because they have nothing to live for.
If you do something nice, you feel nice.
If you do something wrong you feel guilty.
If you are a good friend you get good friends.
Don’t be skeptical or negative.
You are only the one who can make you healthy.
This gives you an enormous amount of control and power.

The useful and simple things to do:

Every morning is a new birth.
Doesn’t matter how much you messed up.
Every morning, looking at the mirror and be self satisfied.
Love yourself, don’t afraid, and don’t worry anymore.
It is so simple and everyone can do it.
Think how much money drug companies make on sick people.
It is much easier to get better than to make oneself sick.
It is a natural state to be healthy. 
The Main Aim◄►Health For All ☼ Clean Environment

Big luck