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Saturday, March 22, 2014

What are favorable and recommended foods;

The rules to find easily digest foods;

What are the favorable foods and drinks? 

How to perform food reform?

Food reform is to remove unfavorable foods, by replacing them with favorable and recommended foods. 
1.    There are many different types of foods, such as favorable and recommended foods.
2.    Very bad foods.
3.    Bad foods.

Favorable and recommended foods:

1.    These are the vegetables, either green or not, such as spinach, courage, eggplant, peppers, carrots, radish, green cabbage, red cabbage, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, turnips, all green leaves used for sauces. 
2.    They can be eaten raw or cooked in good condition, all tubers, like, cassava, taro, potato, and sweet potato etc…
3.    Whole grains, including corn, millet, sorghum, rice, wheat in various forms.
4.    Whole pasta, whole bread meal or rye bread. 
5.    Pastries or cakes made ​​at home.
6.    Unrefined vegetable oils, especially olive or peanut oil, first cold pressed, extracted without refining or solvent. 
7.    Palm oil obtained after the first cooking with fresh nuts. 
8.    Coconut or cashews, raw peanuts or roasted or boiled. 
9.    Sesame seeds or pumpkin, black olives desalted by soaking in water. 
10.  Yoghurt or curd without abusing it. 
11.  Sprouts, eaten raw or cooked. 
12.  Good quality honey, unheated at the time of harvest. 
13.  All fresh fruits of the country, preferably raw and ripe.
14.  Dried fruits, particularly dates, sweet fruits, very fresh and ripe banana.
15.  Sweet potato, avocado, melon and watermelon.
16.  Mid-acid fruits, such as mango, guava, papaya, apple, grape, sapodilla etc… 
17.  Acidic fruits, namely, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, tomato, sour sop etc…

Favorable drinks:

1.    Recommended drinks include the filtered water of rains, springs, and wells. 
2.    The juice obtained by pressing fresh fruits. 
3.    It is excluded from it the bottled juice or kept too long in the refrigerator, because it oxidizes quickly. 
4.    Light herbal infusions, especially lemongrass, Quinqueliba, thyme, mint or rosemary, at the end of the meal.

Rules to easily digest:

1.    To digest easily, it is necessary to have the calm, peaceful atmosphere in a room, avoiding the passionate discussion.
2.    Eating slowly and chewing long.
3.    Well impregnated foods by saliva are easily attacked by the juices of the stomach and subsequently better quickly digest. 
4.    Manage the number of meals, to avoid making more than three meals a day.
5.    Lighten the evening meal or delete it, to make rest the digestive organs.
6.    You should skip a meal when not hungry. 
7.    Ration during the meal when not too hungry, or nibbling between meals.
8.    Treat liver with olive oil and lemon juice and herbal liver. 
9.    Nutritional balance, means never recommend eating all types of food categories at the same meal to ensure nutritional balance. 
10.  The sequence of the food, the better for digestion is to take fresh or dried fruits, or dairy, or cereal porridge, as breakfast or half an hour before lunch. 
11.  For lunch or dinner, take vegetable salad, then dish of grains or tubers or vegetables, with protein like meat or fish or eggs or beans.
12.  At desserts, drink as little as possible during meals so that the digestive juices are not diluted during meals.
13.  Avoid fruit juices, milk, soft drinks, hot drinks, iced drinks during meals. 
14.  To continue working; avoid intense intellectual or manual work, direct after the meals.
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