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Friday, January 27, 2017

The benefits of Nettle;

The Nettle, nutritional value, medical property, warning;

The nutritive virtues of Nettle;

The medicinal plant of the Nettle;

Nettles are wild plants which have leaves covered 
with fine hairs that sting you when you touch them. 
Nettle is a plant with multiple applications. 
In culinary it gives very good soups. 
In the kitchen, Nettle allows the preparation of the sauces. 
It is used against insects of the aphid type as a repellent. 
It is said that the Romans would have taken Nettles to England 
in order to flagellate themselves in order not to suffer from the cold.

Nutritional values ​​of Nettle:

Nettle is rich in mineral salts and trace elements, including calcium, 
chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, potassium, zinc, silicon 
and iron in large quantities. 
Thus it is rich in vitamins, Such as B2, B5, B9, K, C and provitamin A. 
The consumption of its young shoots and leaves like spinach, 
Nettle constitutes a true tonic of spring. 
You can cook them and consume them like spinach or soup, 
or let them dry and eat them as a salad.

Medical properties of Nettle:

All parts of the Nettle, such as seeds, leaves, roots can be useful in medicines, 
because its properties are very diverse, anti-inflammatory, depurative, 
ant hemorrhagic, diuretic, stimulating. 
Its uses can be for internal or external use. 
In some parts of the world, Nettles are still used to soothe rheumatic pains. 
More pleasant, the Nettle infusion relieves the pain of arthritis, 
reduces eczema and promotes the production of milk in lactating women.


Choose unpolluted grounds for gathering Nettles.

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