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Monday, January 16, 2017

The virtues of the great Chamomile;

Chamomile, Medicinal Properties, Parts Used, Dosage, Warning;

The therapeutic value of great chamomile;

The plant of the great chamomile;

The great Chamomile is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae, 
Its flowers are yellow and white, resemble those of the daisies. 
The fruit has a slightly camphor’s odor.

Medicinal properties of the chamomile:

The great chamomile has been used for centuries to relieve migraines, the headaches, 
And the absence of menstruation. 
In addition to migraines, chamomile relieves inflammatory pain due to arthritis, 
To a certain extent, to various types of rheumatism. 
The great chamomile is an anti-migraine, painful soother, anti-inflammatory, 
Regulator of the nervous system.

Usual therapeutic of great chamomile:

Chamomile is used for the prevention and treatment of people suffering from migraine, 
Painful, and neuralgia. 
It can be taken regularly as a preventive, or only in the event of crisis. 
If you grow chamomile, you can consume the fresh leaves, 
But it is advisable to absorb these leaves with bread, 
Or to make them fried in a little oil to avoid the appearance of mouth ulcer. 
This plant seems non-toxic, but some herbalists recommend not taking it in unlimited time.

Used parts of great chamomile:

In herbal medicine, the heads of aerial flower, fresh leaves, dried leaves, 
Also in the forms of tablets, capsules, dyes, dry extract capsules are used.

Dosage of the great chamomile:

For a true result, the treatment must last at least three months. 
Infusions are possible, despite an unpleasant taste. 
It is recommended to make 2.5 to 5 grams of dried flowers for an infusion. 
Fresh leaves, for the prevention of migraines: chew 2 to 3 leaves per day. 
Dried leaves, in capsules or whole: chew 125 to 250 mg or mix them with yoghurt. 
Dried leaves’ tablets or capsules: take 125 to 250 mg daily.

Warning and Caution:      

Attention, self-medication is inadvisable in the migraine, 
So the use of chamomile must always be done with the agreement of a doctor.
The chamomile is contraindicated to pregnant women, and when you are taking anticoagulants. The consumption of large chamomile, in rare cases, can cause slight digestive disorders. Continuous chewing leaves of chamomile can cause small mouth’s ulcer. 
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