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Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to stimulate immune defenses;

The tips of healthy lifestyle, the benefits of balanced diet;

The measure to stay healthy;

The role of the immune system in the body;

The role of the immune system is to protect the body from external aggression. 
If you are abnormally tired and suffer from colds and / or other recurrent infections, 
immune system failure is often involved. 
It may be due to excessive stress or deficiency of certain nutrients. 
The following lifestyle guidelines are intended to preserve or strengthen the body's defense.

The tips of living healthy:

·         Each of us is exposed to toxic chemicals from industrial or other sources, 
whether in the atmosphere, on our plate, or in our work environment.
·         It is the responsibility of the immune system to neutralize these harmful products.
·         The first step to maintaining good health is to reduce the workload of the immune 
system, avoiding contact with harmful substances as much as possible and adopting 
a healthy lifestyle.
·         It is important to limit alcohol consumption, and not to smoke, 
or even how to get rid of tobacco.
·         Observe regulatory protective measures by wearing masks or gloves when 
exposed to industrial pollutants.
·         Focus on foods without artificial additives, preservatives, colorings or flavors.
·         Avoid smoked or roasted products, as they contain carcinogens and require 
the defense systems of the body.
·         If you do not play any sport, take at least a walk or bicycle ride at the weekend, 
ideally two or three outings a week.
·         The benefits of regular physical exercise have a direct impact on the functioning 
of the immune system.
·         Whenever possible, try not to live stressed, take care of the beaches of relaxation 
and leisure, and get enough sleep.
·         Finally, be aware that allergies weaken immune defenses.
·         It is therefore important to try to avoid contact with allergens and to limit their 
effects through the advice of an allergist.

   The benefits of balanced feeds:

Ø  Here are some tips to boost the immune system.
Ø  Adopt a healthy diet by consuming plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, yogurts 
and Fermented milk, a reasonable amount of meat and fish, little fat.
Ø  Avoid taking too much weight, as overweight is a risk factor in many diseases 
including certain cancers.
Ø  Drink plenty of water, and in the case of a vegetarian diet, be sure to diversify 
sources of protein to avoid deficiencies in essential amino acids.
Ø  The following vitamins and mineral salts, to be taken at a moderate dose and 
with medical advice, are distinguished by their positive action on the immune system.
Ø  Magnesium, zinc and B vitamins, including B5, B6 and B9, contribute to the immune 
system's effectiveness.
Ø  Antioxidant vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium, vitamins C, E and P, 
as well as beta-carotene help neutralize free radicals, which are toxic to the cells, 
see lifestyle from fifty to Sixty five years.
Ø  Vitamin F, vegetable oils, and flesh of fatty fish are also beneficial.
Ø  Excess animal fat appears to decrease immunity and increase the risk of breast, 
intestinal and prostate cancer.
  • Some nutritionists advise not to exceed 50g of fat per day, and to supplement the diet 
  • with fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, avoiding any overdosage because these are stored by the body.
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