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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lifestyle from fifty to sixty five years;

Staying fit, preventing osteoporosis, making useful food supplements, and alleviating the symptoms of menopause;

Beneficial food elements;

Food needs from fifty to sixty five years;

Some people like their work to the point of wanting to pursue it for as long as possible. 
Others dream of a well deserved retirement. Whatever their goal, many people in their 
fifties are beginning to worry about their health and attach more and more importance 
to food. Even if it is better to prepare your old days by eating healthily from your youth, 
it is never too late to start.

To stay fit:

·         We have all met sexagenarians who look much older and 90 year olds who were 
twenty fewer.
·         To some extent, the way we age depends on our genetic heritage, but it is also 
a consequence of our way of life.
·         It is important, for example, to remain curious and to practice regular physical 
·         There is no sudden break between the nutritional needs of those in prime age 
and those of senior citizens.
·         However, energy expenditure is gradually decreasing, affecting caloric needs.
·         For this reason it is necessary to carefully control what is consumed, avoiding 
empty calories, devoid of vitamins and mineral salts, such as refined white sugar, 
alcohol, sugary drinks, and limiting fat.

Preventing osteoporosis:

·         Bone fragility mainly affects women.
·         Dairy consumption and physical activity can help prevent the risk of fractures.

Make useful food supplements:

·         A healthy and varied diet provides all the necessary nutrients, but we may wish 
to reinforce this intake with supplements of vitamins and minerals.
·         To avoid nutritional imbalance, only moderate doses should be used.

Relieve symptoms of menopause:

·         Some women pass this course without even paying attention. 
·         But for many, the disappearance of menstruation and falling estrogen levels in 
the body are accompanied by hot flushes, headaches, memory impairment and sleep. 
·         Sometimes, weight gain, decreased sexual desire and mental disorders are added. 
·         To relieve the symptoms of menopause, it is important to eat as healthily as possible 
and if necessary to take certain nutritional supplements.

Choose beneficial food elements:

·         For hot flushes, vitamin E and selenium seem to combine their benefits. Boron is 
effective and could also protect against osteoporosis. 
·         Vitamins C and P, which strengthen the blood vessels, are also beneficial. 
·         Regular exercise and active sexual activity help mobilize some of the estrogen 
stored in adipose tissue. 
·         Over rich meals, alcohol and caffeine, which tend to dilate the small blood vessels 
of the skin, should be avoided. 
Against insomnia, magnesium and calcium seem effective, as well as herbal teas with sedative effect, especially chamomile, orange blossom, and linden.
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