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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Food requirements in adulthood;

The need for food, for women, men, pregnant women, the risk of food deficiency, effects of the pill;

Men's stimulant foods;

Healthy food supplements;

A diet is healthy and well-adapted if it provides the body with the mineral salts, vitamins, 
carbohydrates, proteins and lipids it needs. Our way of life does not always allow us 
to adopt a perfectly balanced diet; a dietary supplement can then prove useful.

The Food needs in women:

Compared to men, women typically need fewer calories but almost as much protein 
and more iron, especially during pregnancy and when menstruation is abundant.

The risks of nutritional deficiencies:

Strict diets for women who want to lose weight may lead to deficiencies when they 
are fanciful or uncontrolled by a doctor or nutritionist. In particular, they can lower 
cholesterol levels to an insufficient level, which can disrupt the menstrual cycle, 
decrease fertility, induce early menopause and promote osteoporosis.

Pregnant women:

Women who are pregnant should be very attentive to their diet, and always seek 
the advice of their doctor before taking supplements, as some are contraindicated.

   The dietary supplements for women:

·         The most commonly prescribed supplements in women are magnesium, 
calcium, vitamin D, zinc, copper and manganese to prevent bone fragility.
·         Vitamin C and B vitamins are recommended if the physician feels that 
the dietary intake is insufficient.
·         When the menstrual is abundant, iron and zinc losses must be offset.
·         Women who suffer from menstrual pain may take magnesium and calcium.

   The effects of the pill:

·         Taking long-term oral contraceptives can significantly alter nutritional requirements.
·         Women should therefore have a diet of high nutritional value, with emphasis 
on vegetables rather than fruits if they have weight problems.
·         Women who take the pill are generally not offered iron supplements, 
as their menstrual periods are usually scarce.
·         Other supplements are sometimes prescribed because hormonal contraception 
increases the need for certain minerals and vitamins, especially zinc, selenium, 
vitamins B6 and B9 and beta-carotene.

The food needs for men:

Men need more calories than women because their height and weight, on average, 
Metabolism more important. In addition, they generally have more intense physical activity.

The men's stimulant foods:

·         Certain nutrients promote sexual activity and fertility.
·         Vitamins A, C, E, F and folic acid are essential for sperm production.
·         Zinc and magnesium are needed to compensate for seminal fluid losses.
·         Zinc, selenium and vitamin B6 are recommended for loss of desire or loss of sexual life.
·         Men who are considering becoming fathers in the near future should have 
a healthy diet, and reduce or eliminate tobacco and alcohol ideally four months before 
·         This period may seem long, but it corresponds to the sperm maturation time.

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