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Monday, February 17, 2014

Alleviating women’s menstruation pains;

 Reducing women's menstrual pain quickly;

How to ease period pains quickly by vitamin B6?

How to cure menstrual pain naturally:

Vitamin B6 plays a special role for women, because it alleviates the symptoms associated with hormonal changes, proper the menstrual cycle, particularly, the premenstrual syndrome.
1.   Women whose diet does not contain enough vitamin B6 are more prone to certain disorders, depending on varying stages of their lives. 
2.   Among these disorders is water retention just before menstruation.
3.   Breast pains.
4.   Mood disorders, premenstrual acne. 
5.  Painful menstruation, mental disorders such as mood altered, depressive reactions, aggressiveness and decreased libido. 
6.  Taking constantly hormonal drugs augment the requirements of vitamin B6 and sometimes food intake may be insufficient. 
7.  Therefore, the prescription of therapy dosage for vitamin B6 more than usual recommended amounts may help alleviating these symptoms in a short time. 
8.  However, it is important to correct the diet, although the present of B vitamins in the foods, a possible failure can occur for several vitamins of this group. 
9.  In addition, vitamin B6, even in moderate doses, especially during the first three months of pregnancy should be a prescription. Look also vitamin B9.
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