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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The risks and dangers of drugs;

Drugs among young people, the major causes of drug intake, the effects of drugs;

The risks of taking drugs regularly;

The effects of the drugs;

The drug is a substance that, once absorbed, alters one or more functions of 
the central nervous system. It can have effects on thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and mood.
Alternatively, any substance that is addictive is considered a drug, such as alcohol, tobacco, 
cannabis, heroin, cocaine ... etc. We also talk about psychoactive substances because 
they act on the brain, modify mental activity, sensations and behavior. 
The use of these products represents risks and dangers to the health of the user 
and may have social consequences and lead to psychological and / or physical dependence. 
This consumption can also lead to serious fatal accidents.

Drugs among the young people:

Whatever the socio-cultural contexts, adolescence is a privileged period of quest 
and new experiments conducive to the adoption of risky behaviors. 
Drug use belongs to this array of behaviors that adolescents are particularly fond of.

Major causes of drug intake:

There are some major socio-emotional causes that can partly explain adolescent drug use;
(A) The feeling of abandonment as a result of parental divorce, 
or associated with family disintegration.
B) The difficulty of finding meaning in his life and in life in general.
C) The willing to transgress stronger than the prohibited, sometimes encouraged by 
an entourage too hostile to the adolescent.
D) Wishing to integrate into a group, reduce psychological tensions, 
attract the attention of parents, are frequent motivations of the adolescent who will act out.
E) Lesser the young person has means to build his own benchmarks; 
more the risks of taking drugs are great.

Other reasons for taking drugs;

1) Having fun;
2) Doing like the others;
3) To impress his friends;
4) Making new experiments;
5) Challenge authority;
6) To provoke adults;
7) Avoiding boredom or loneliness;
8) Letting off steam;
9) Fighting shyness;

The effects of drugs:

According to individuals, the amount absorbed as well as the composition of the product, 
the symptoms may be different;
(A) Increased or decreased heart rate, such as severe palpitations of the heart;
B) The appearance of red eyes due to increased blood activity. 
C) Dry mouth and decreased salivary secretion. 
D) Severe feeling of nausea leading to vomiting. 

The risks of regular consumption of drugs:

The risks of long-term drug use include the gradual onset of; 
A) Difficulties of concentration, problems of schooling. 
B) Concerns about the desire to consume cannabis, but also to obtain them. 
C) A decrease in motivation and follows of social isolation. 
D) The risks involved in this are to possessing illegal products. 
E) More sensitive subjects are that the products will cause or aggravate 
psychic disorders such as anxiety, depression. 
F) In some sensitive persons, it can cause cannabis psychosis, as a single inhalation 
or puff may be sufficient to lead the person to the hospital. 
(G) It may also be the trigger for much more serious diseases in predisposed subjects such as schizophrenia or paranoia.
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