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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Feeding progress of the child;

Learning the taste of the child, first years of school, idea that pleases, food supplements;

Energy assurance and growth of a child;

The feeding of a child from two to twelve years;

The progress of the child is very rapid between two and twelve years.
A balanced diet is essential during this period, to accompany his physical growth 
and to enable him to exploit all his intellectual potential. 
Thanks to his parents that the child acquires good eating habits and is familiar 
with many flavors. Encouraging eating fruits or dairy products rather than snacking 
on sweets, crackers or fatty foods is an integral part of the education parents must provide 
to their children, look the child's need for food.

Learning the taste:

Between 1 and 2 years old, the child begins to have a preference for food and to reject 
this or that dish. Some children go through periods when they refuse all food. 
Even if such an attitude worries parents, they must be careful not to turn meals into conflicts.
They must continue to give child what is good for him, avoiding buying or rewarding him 
with sweets. The taste of the little can change rather quickly, which is why one should not 
hesitate to present to him again, after a certain time, food or dishes that displeased 
him at first.

Early school years:

 This is the time to educate the child about what a good diet is, by getting him interested 
in developing menus and preparing meals. It is recognized that the child works best 
in class if he has a balanced breakfast. Indeed, if the first meal of the day consists 
solely of sweet food, the energy supplied is quickly exhausted. The ideal is to give him 
cereals and dried fruit without added sugar, with milk or yogurt. After school, 
a hearty but slightly sweet snack is essential with one or two slices of bread 
slightly buttered or spread with honey, fruits including dried fruits, as well as milk 
or dairy, these are essential for growth.

Energy Insurance and Growth:

The child needs carbohydrates for energy and protein for growth. 
The necessary intake depends on the child's weight, activity and also shape, 
a child can eat less for a few days and then catch up largely afterwards.

Idea that pleases:

Hamburgers, with a full roll, minced meat, raw vegetables and tomato sauce.
Potatoes in a field dress with white herb cheese.
A homemade pizza with full bread dough garnished with fresh vegetables, cheese and ham.
Fresh pasta with homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms and ground meat.
Pancakes made with whole meal flour.
Served with honey and chopped walnuts.

Food supplements:

Normally, a healthy and balanced diet is sufficient to meet the children's minerals and vitamins needs. Only vitamin D can be prescribed until the age of five. Parents who wish to give food supplements to their children must first consult their pediatrician or family doctor and scrupulously follow his prescription.

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