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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dangers surrounding human beings;

Life pollution, Radioactive contamination, Light pollution, Electronic pollution;

What are the dangers surrounding human lives?  

What is living pollution?

 Polluted life; human and all living organisms and plants live in a middle   environment full of dangers and destroyers, some of these destroyers are natural phenomena, familiar or unfamiliar, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, hurricanes, floods etc. it may be possible for humans and high-end  organisms to avoid and escape from some of these natural phenomena, even though they may be sometimes an occasion of considerable damages, but the most serious facing the humans and other organisms is the destruction resulting from environmental pollutants, which are mostly human made, including the following contaminants;

Radioactive contamination

It is one of the most dangerous pollutants, because it contaminates places with different waves of radiations, resulting from devices or terminal experiments of irradiation, which may cause some genetic mutations or biochemical changes, over long term, these changes are unpredictable and cause damage to humans, animals and plants, the most important symptoms of damage to the human beings are the types of allergies, stress, and hormonal distractions with multiple appearances, which makes it difficult to diagnose and treat, it is noticed increasing incidence of cancer, after the explosion of the atomic reactor of Chernobyl in 1985, which covered the areas located thousands of miles away from the center, and also increasing percentage of deadly cancer, as a result of depleted uranium that was used during the war on Iraq in 1991 and led to affection of more than half a million Iraqi children of congenital anomalies and cancer, in addition to affection of the American soldiers in what was known as the mysterious disease.   

Light pollution

The pollution caused by strong light that is harmful to eye and nuisance to public health, such as the output light of devices for metal welding and blast furnaces for iron and steel industries, as well as the dazzling lights of cars, and the lights of fast-changing and multi-colors at concerts and other things that hurt the eye and sometimes lead to blindness, and also the strobe lights for cars when they converge on a narrow and sloping roads cause a lot of accidents that result in death and disability, and that the large number of lights in the cities hinder the residents to sleep soundly, compared with sleeping in the rural areas, which are less polluted lights.

Electronic pollution

this pollution comes by overlapping electronic circles of modern devices with areas of the humanitarian brain and their numerous circles, provoking sometimes some damages, like temporary or chronic headaches, other unknown causing pains, and malignant tumors. The excessive use of mobile phone cellular is a threatening of brain cancerous tumors as being warned by many doctors and researchers.   

Dangers surrounding human beings

The era of the industry and the rapid development, experienced by the world today, is accompanied by self destruction and demolition, only a few people are realizing this realty, the vast majority of people are unaware and involved in the race and compete. Man is like a fly that is located on the honey to consume with great appetite but does not realize that his feet are deepening into the honey, and at the end the fly becomes mired in place as a result of his passion to satisfy his desires to eat.
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