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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Treatment of digestive disorders;

Useful treatment of digestive disorders associated with malaria;

How to cure different digestive disorders?

Digestives disorders include:

1.    Constipation;
2.    Diarrhea and intestinal parasites;
3.    Indigestion and large spleen.

 How to make cures against constipation?

1.    Buck-thorn and aniseed;
2.    Put in a pint of water, two teaspoons of buck-thorn bark ;
3.    And a spoonful of aniseed;
4.    Boil gently for ten to fifteen minutes to reduce to less than one glass of liquid;
5.    Strain and drink at bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach.
6.    Fruits and leaves of tamarind
7.    Pound ripe tamarind fruit with seeds;
8.    Mix with a little water;
9.    Filter through a sieve;
10.  Drink at bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach;
11.  Tamarind leaves, cleaned thoroughly, and chewed, facilitate the stools.
12.  Cassia alata
13.  Soak for five minutes, three chopped and dried leaves of cassia alata, in a liter of boiling water;
14.  Drink at bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach.
15. False Quinqueliba;
16.  Boil two tablespoons of leaves of fake Quinqueliba in a pint of water for ten minutes;
17.  And drink at bedtime.

How to make cures against diarrhea and intestinal parasites?

1.    Clay powder;
2.    Drink half a glass of clayey water before each meal.
3.    Garlic and thyme;
4.    Put in a liter of water fifty grams of garlic and fifteen grams of thyme;
5.    Boil gently to reduce by half;
6.    Drink by teaspoons throughout of the day.
7.    Quinqueliba;
8.    Dilute in water or porridge a teaspoon of leaf powder of Quinqueliba, dried in the shade;
9.    Take four to five teaspoons a day.
10.  Euphorbia;
11.  Boil two handfuls of fresh or dried plant Euphorbia in a liter of water for ten to fifteen minutes;
12.  Strain and drink morning, noon, and night.
13.  Onion;
14.  Boil two large and quartered cut onions in a pint of water for five minutes;
15.  Infuse ten minutes;
16.  Strain and drink one cup in the morning before breakfast and a cup in the evening.
17.  Carrot;
18.  Will be a major part in the menus;
19.  Drink a pint of freshly extracted juice of carrot, in the day before, or instead of meals; See also malaria crisis treatment.

How to make cures against indigestion and large spleen?

1.    Drinkable clay;
2.    Drink half a glass of clayey water before each meal.
3.    Hot lemonade and honey;
4.    Put a glass of warm water with lemon juice;
5.    And add a teaspoon of honey;
6.    Stir and drink.
7.    Roman chamomile, orange, and lemon balm;
8.    Put in a pint of boiling water four heads of Roman chamomile;
9.    Two tablespoons of chopped leaves of orange, and lemon balm or chopped lemon;
10.  Infuse six minutes filter and drink.
11.  Anise, Mint, lemon, and thyme;
12.  Put in a liter of cold water two teaspoons of aniseed;
13.  Boil for three minutes;
14.  Add two tablespoons of mint and lemon;
15.  And two teaspoons of thyme;
16.  Infuse six minutes;
17.  And drink a cup after meals.
18.  Dandelion and rosemary;
19.  Put in half a liter of water, two tablespoons of dandelion and rosemary boil two minutes;
20.  Infuse ten minutes pass and drink.
21.  Quinqueliba;
22.  Put three tablespoons of leaves of Quinqueliba in half a liter of water;
23.  Boil ten minutes;
24.  Strain and drink.
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