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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Organic waste management;

Organic wastes treatment system, organic waste utilization;

Organic waste biofuel;

Organic waste from household:

The challenges of urbanisms are those lumps and rubbishes thrown onto the sides of the streets every day and night.

Organic waste problems:

The manage of the waste materials coming from the markets, the households, the industries, the harbors and from every where are great deals and challenges for the citizens and the people living in the towns. 

Organic waste solutions:

The authorities have to find the way to evacuate and withdraw these massive matters and materials at regular times, day and night and find the appropriate places to dump the lumps.

 Organic waste growth:

Nowadays almost the areas of the rural zones are facing the similar problems of organic wastes as the towns and crowd urban, because of their animal drops and manures and also the crop’s residues.

 Organic waste for biogas production:

1.    The most part of these wastes are organic waste biodegradable that can be converted to renewable energy as biogas and organic fertilizers;
2.    Biogas can be used for cooking, heating or upgraded to be used in fueling vehicles, electrical generation and plants or injected into gas grids;
3.    While the sludge may be used as organic fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

Organic wastes uses:

1.    Organic waste;
2.    the garbage that everyone hate to touch or deal is not negative waste but is very useful raw material for renewable energy and biofuel production;
3.    Because when well treated, it should run our lives to better and let our surrounding very clean, very healthy and very prospect;
4.    This means that when people are throwing the lumps of organic garbage to the dumps and going away, they are not wasting raw goods only but wasting golden substances;
5.    So people have to stop spoiling the nature and the useful substances, but they have to exploit the neglected and rich resources of natural wealth.
The Main Aim◄►Health For All ☼ Clean Environment!

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