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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to prevent and control soil erosion?

Different agents responsible for soil erosion;

How to prevent soil erosion in farming?

There is nothing in the whole of the nature which is more important than or deserves as much attention as the soil. Because the whole nature is nourished by the soil and all the creations depend on the soil. Soil erosion can be a major problem for us if we have gardens, plant beds or farms.

How to prevent soil erosion in agriculture:

1.    Preventing soil erosion is a responsibility that we all have to take seriously.
2.    There are several things that we can do to prevent soil erosion and protect our plants.
3.    We have to recognize that the soil erosion is almost always as a result of human intervention.
4.    Because of loss of agricultural lands, desertification caused by overgrazing, cut abuses of trees or deforestation, and bad agricultural practices such as the uses of fertilizers and the depletion of subterranean water, the farmers are obliged to search other new lands even if they are sloping areas and not suitable for farming.

Agents causing soil erosion:

1.    There are two major factors which are acting as the erosion agents;
2.    The first is water, and the second is wind;

Agents of soil erosion water:

Water erosion, when there are heavy rains and the trees are no longer there, whose roots bound the soil together, and because their canopies of foliage no longer exist the runoff waters now have easy access to the unprotected and dry surfaces so they wash away the top soils bringing their loaded soil particles to be deposited far away.

Agents of soil erosion wind:

Wind, the blowing wind can cut down trees and grasses which are providing a cover against the rays of the sun that now dries out the soil and the wind can then easily blow away the dust that is buried the seedless and formed sand dunes.
All these actions make the lands bared and useless for agricultures or for the wild herbs to grow.

Methods on how to prevent soil erosion:

1.    Soil erosion can be stopped in so many ways.
2.    Depending on the environment, some of these methods can be used or all the methods can be used in combination.
3.    how to prevent soil erosion by wind;
4.    Plant hedges and trees to break down and reduce the speed of the wind.
5.    Avoid deforestation and cut abuse of trees and overgrazing by farm animals.
6.    how to prevent soil erosion and soil pollution;
7.    Avoid soil, air pollutants in destruction of plant habitat and fauna loosing its forests.
8.    Use Mulches, organic fertilizers, sewage sludge to stabilize the surfaces and topsoil.
9.    how to prevent soil erosion by running water;
10. Reduce runoff onto fields from farm roads, tracks by provision of adequate drains.
11. Maintain land drains, ditches and outlets to ensure field drainage by removing deposited.
12. how to prevent soil erosion on slopes;
13. Plough across sloping areas and leave rough to provide resistance to erosion.
14.  Do not use products which will encourage erosion and use recycled ones. 

How to prevent soil erosion by planting trees: 

1.    Prevent soil erosion by planting vegetation, trees, ground cover, shrubs and other plants.
2.    Roots from these plants will help hold soil in place on the ground.
3.    Soil will not blow away due to wind, or be washed away from rain as easily.

How to prevent soil erosion by terracing:

1.    Construct surface runoff barriers, such as edging made of bricks or stones, can help prevent soil erosion by minimizing runoff.
2.    If runoff is minimized, soil is less likely to be carried away by ground water runoff.
3.    Create windbreaks, which are barrier rows planted along the windward exposure of a plot of land.
4.    Windbreaks made out of trees, such as evergreen trees or bushes help prevent erosion by preventing wind from blowing across your land.

How to prevent soil erosion on farmland:

1.    Grow cover crops on farm land.
2.    When land is not being used during the off season, cover crops can help prevent soil erosion due to wind and rain.
3.    Legumes and beans are often used as cover crops.
4.    Apply mulch to retain moisture and also help prevent soil erosion.
5.    Topsoil is not as likely to be washed or blown away when it is covered by mulch.
6.    Mulch is often used in flower beds.

How to prevent soil erosion in hilly areas:

1.    Use contour farming when farming on sloped areas.
2.    This conservation technique is to follow the actual topography of a slope when planting crops.
3.    Using the natural lay of the land in this way can also prevent soil erosion.
4.    Try terrace farming and gardening to decrease groundwater runoff.
5.    Create nearly level layers of crops on a hillside.
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