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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Effects of acid rain on flora and fauna;

Effects of acid rain on air quality, on water quality, on freshwater ecosystems;

What kinds of effects does acid rain have?

Effects of acid rain on the environment; acid rain is one of the main factors that cause the environmental degradations.
1.    Acid rain is the form of precipitation with high levels of nitric and sulfuric acids.
2.    These acids are formed in the atmosphere, particularly when fossil fuels are burned and then the sulfur dioxide [SO2] and nitrogen oxide [NOx] have released into the atmosphere.
3.    These gases react with the water vapors, oxygen and other particles of substances to form mild solution of nitric and sulfuric acids.
4.    Effects acid rain has on lakes and rivers;
5.    These acids spread out away by winds and fall with rains then brought by runoff waters to be downloaded to lakes, rivers and to anywhere and then after absorbed to under ground waters.
6.    Effects of acid rain on soil;
7.    The acid robs the soil of essential nutrients and releases aluminum in the soil which makes it harder for the trees to extract water from the earth so the plants could not produce or survive longer. 

Effects of acid rain on humans, animals and plants:

1.    Effects of acid rain aquatic life;
2.    The ravage of acid rain is the spoiling waters sources, killing aquatic animals, birds, insects;
3.    Causing disease for human and animals, damaging plants, forests,
4.    Effects of acid rain on agriculture;
5.    Acid rain leaves the ground unsuitable for agriculture or to grow any kind of vegetation or to breed livestock.

Methods used to reduce the effects of acid rain:

1.    Effects of acid rain fossil fuels;
2.    The causes of acid rain besides to burning fossil fuels in factories, plants, vehicles and other machines are the rotten vegetation's, the volcanic eruptions and many other ecological issues;
3.    But to curb and reduce the negative impact of acid rain, we all the manufactures and the individuals have to stand together to fight against this life destroyer and ravager;
4.    For the manufactures they have to develop the alternative and renewable energies to substitute the fossil fuels which in burning emit dangerous gases to atmosphere;
5.    While the individuals can participate in reducing the emission of these gases by economizing the uses of electrical devices, private transportation's, and proper management of decaying vegetation's
and see the virtues of using biogas.
The Main Aim◄►Health For All ☼ Clean Environment!

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