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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The treatment of disgorgement of liver;

Treatment for disgorgement of the liver by natural plants;

How to cure disgorgement of the liver?

  • How to make herbal teas?

  1. Herbal liver teas for liver choose either of the following formulas;
  2. The different formulas;
  3. Mix equal parts agrimony, top flowerings of bedstraw, sweet woodruff leaves, marigold flowers, a tablespoon for a cup of boiling water to brew six to ten minutes; 
  4. Quinquéliba; 
  5. One tablespoon of quinquéliba leaves for a cup of boiling water to brew six to ten minutes; 
  6. Neem or Azadirachta indica;
  7. Take a handful of Neem leaves in a liter of water, boil ten minutes, go and drink; 
  8. Lemon leaves, lemon grass leaves, Moringa oleifera leaves;
  9. Take a handful of each in one liter of water, if possible, use the water in which it was left to soak for two days of ground cereals before the dough grain, boil five minutes, go and drink; 
  10. Dandelion;
  11. Take a handful of dandelion for a liter of water, boil two minutes, infuse ten minutes pass and drink a cup, a quarter of an hour before lunch.
  • The regularization of blood pressure and flow:

  1. Regularization of blood flow constitutes of the garlic cure, teas for circulation, foot baths and poultices. 
  2. Garlic cure: garlic thins the blood and balances blood pressure. To use it there are three formulas; 
  3. First formula: maceration of garlic, in the evening put one or two cloves of grated or chopped garlic in half a glass of warm water. Marinate overnight. In the morning add lemon juice or orange juice and drink before breakfast, shortly after drinkable clay or olive oil and lemon. Gradually increase the amount of garlic from two cloves for the first week to four cloves for fourth week. 
  4. Second formula: in the morning, before breakfast, finely chop one tablespoon of garlic. Swallow without chewing. Drink half a glass of water immediately after. In this way we have no worry about the smell of garlic. 
  5. Third formula: crush or chop in olive oil two or three cloves of garlic. In spread slices of bread and eat for breakfast.
  • Herbal teas for circulation and blood pressure

  1. These herbs, singly or in combination, enhance and improve the work of the heart, help regulate blood circulation, they are the olive trees, red grape, hawthorn, blackcurrant, mistletoe, shepherd's purse, borage and look Cure blood pressure. 
  2. The mixing mode1;
  3. Olive, red grapes, hawthorn; put in a liter of water four tablespoons of olive leaves, two tablespoons of red vine leaves, two tablespoons of hawthorn leaves. 
  4. Boil and remove from heat, cover, leave to infuse for ten minutes. 
  5. Strain and drink two cups a day between meals. 
  6. The mixing mode2;
  7. Shepherd's purse, borage, and blackcurrant; put in a pint of water a tablespoon of each plant. Boil, infuse ten minutes.
  8. Strain and drink a cup before each meal. 
  9. The mixing mode3;
  10. Mistletoe; set in the evening, three teaspoons of mistletoe in a pint of cold water. 
  11. Do not heat and let soaking overnight. 
  12. In the morning heat slightly, and then move on. 
  13. Store in a thermos and drink in the day, four or five times. 
  14. It should be noted that most of these plants are sold in the herbal stores.
  • Hot foot baths

  1. These baths are practiced everyday, at first twice a day, morning and evening. 
  2. When the crisis has eased, reduce them to twice a week, morning or evening. 
  3. Baths of red vine leaves;
  4. Boil for fifteen minutes two handfuls of red vine leaves in half bucket. 
  5. Then pour this decoction in half bucket cold water. 
  6. Plunge the feet or hands and feet to the skull if disorder is localized and keep them there fifteen to twenty minutes. 
  7. The solution can be reused two to three times before being renewed, warm before reused it, just to the desirable temperature. 
  8. Baths with walnut leaves and bran;
  9. Mix in a pot a handful of walnut leaves and two handfuls of bran. 
  10. Add two liters of water, boil for ten minutes on low heat. 
  11. Pour into a bucket, as soon as the temperature becomes bearable, soak the feet or hands and feet if the disorder is localized to the skull, for ten minutes in the evening before bedtime. 
  12. The heated decoction can be reused two or three times.
  • Massage with camphor oil and garlic

  1. After hot fomentation or if necessary, we can proceed to massage the joints and parts affected by arthritis. 
  2. Use with the shower from bottom to top for the spine, and with flat of the hand for other places. 
  3. Mix two or four tablespoons of camphor oil and one or two tablespoons of crushed garlic in a small pot with a wide open with a lid. 
  4. Use this mixture to make a soft and prolonged massage. 
  5. The preparation can be kept for a week to ten days. Repeat if necessary. 
  6. The camphor oil is sold in pharmacies.
  • Clay and onion poultices

  1. Clay helps healing the damage by rebuilding tissues and vital reserves. 
  2. The clay poultice can be found in health food stores and specialized pharmacies. 
  3. It comes in pieces or crushed pellets green, gray or white. 
  4. Clay poultice;
  5. To prepare the poultice, put clay in a terracotta container, wood or glass, avoid metal containers or plastic. 
  6. Pour cold water to cover the pieces and let stand a few hours. 
  7. Clay breaks to form slurry that must be stirred and kneaded with a wooden spoon so that it takes on the consistency of dough, a fairly compact mortar. 
  8. Preparing a piece of cloth folded in four, larger than the part to be coated, spread clay on it in an even layer two to three inches thick. 
  9. Apply the clay in direct contact with the skin on the neck and on the liver alternately when the troubles are located in the head. 
  10. Leave the poultice in place for one to three hours when installed in the day and all night if it is put at bedtime. 
  11. After each application, wash the location and cloths used with water and throw the clay because it is used only once. 
  12. Onion poultice;
  13. The onion poultice helps to lower and normalize blood pressure. 
  14. Put some onions in the oven, then crush or chop the onions and heat in a pan for five to ten minutes. 
  15. Spread over two pieces of fabric and put the sole of the foot directly. 
  16. Wrap in slippers and bandage, keep at least two hours during the day or overnight if it is at bedtime.
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