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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The specific treatment against hypertension;

How to associate food reform with specific treatment for hypertension?

Treatment for blood purification;

At the same time that you follow the principles of food reforming and the lifestyle, it is useful to do from time to time a specific cure. This aims some complementary goals to improve each of disturbed functions. These cures consist of the following treatments:

·         Treatment for blood purification:

We use different cures, such as the lemon cure, the onion and parsley cure, the raw onion cure.

·         The lemon cure

Lemon juice purifies the blood. Choose ripe lemons, just press them at the time of employment, and drink the juice with water but without sugar.

·         The instruction:

Consume two to four lemons per day for the first week; Four to six lemons per day during the second week; Six to eight lemons per day in the third week; Four to six lemons per day in the fourth week. It should be noted that the number of lemons includes all the lemons consumed during the day, alone or in combination with other products at another cure.

·         The onion and parsley cure:

This treatment purifies and remineralizes the body. Cut three large onions into quarters. Boil them in a liter of water for ten minutes. Add fifty grams of roots and leaves of parsley. Boil all for five minutes. Infuse fifteen minutes, by adding a little lemon juice drink a glass before lunch, a glass before dinner, and a glass at bedtime without adding lemon juice.

·         The raw onion cure:

Onion enriches the blood with minerals and trace elements. Add to salads and cooked dishes of chopped raw onions.

·         The instruction:

Use a half onion per day in the first week; an onion per day in the second week; an onion and half per day in the third week; two onions per day in the fourth week; and then, keep a half onion per day.

·         The treatment for drainage of the liver and gallbladder:

Use cures of lemon juice and olive oil, drinkable clay treatment.

·         The treatment of olive oil and lemon:

The mixture of olive oil and lemon drains the liver and gallbladder, facilitates intestinal transit. To do this mix up well a tablespoon of first cold pressed virgin olive oil and two tablespoons of lemon juice; drink in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.

·         The treatment of drinkable clay:

Clay absorbs the impurities and facilitates their removal, enriches the blood. Prepare the clay in the evening, by putting a teaspoon of fine clay powder in half a glass of water. The next morning, stir and drink half an hour before breakfast. It is advisable to alternate the treatment of olive oil and lemon with the drinkable clay treatment, making one in a week and one after in another week.
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