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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Herbal teas types;

Preparation methods of  herbal teas and some types of herbal teas;  

How to prepare herbal teas!

There are three methods to prepare teas, namely the infusion, the decoction, the maceration;
  • The infusion

Infusion is made ​​by pouring hot water on plants or throwing plants in simmering water. Use a container of porcelain, glass or earthenware, or enameled pot or stainless steel. Cover the container for six to ten minutes. Then go and drink.
  • The decoction

Decoction is putting plants in cold water, bring to a boil and let boiling for a quarter of an hour or more. But do not boil the flowers and fragrant leaves; they are used only as an infusion. 
  • The maceration

Maceration is to put the plant in cold or warm water or oil or alcohol for several hours, sometimes several days.
  • Some types of herbal teas:

  1. The laxative tea
  2. If suffering constipation or insufficient evacuation of the bowels, take a mild laxative plant, such as buck-thorn, senna, flax seeds. 
  3. For buck-thorn, boil over low heat two teaspoons of buck-thorn bark in two large glasses of water. Reduce the liquid to a glass. 
  4. If someone would be bothered by fermentation causing excess gas, add a teaspoon of aniseed in the buck-thorn before boiling. 
  5. Strain and drink at bedtime.
  • Herbal teas for kidneys do one of the two following formulas:

  1. First formula
  2. Put in a liter of water, a handful or four sticks of wild lime sapwood. Boil gently until reduced to three quart. Drink this amount several times during a day and a half. Repeat this cure in every ten days per month. 
  3. Second formula. Make a mixture in equal parts of blooming heather, cochlear and goldenrod Solid-ago, one tablespoon per cup of boiling water. Drink two or three cups a day. 
  4. The infusion for regulatory functions. In the case of hypertension associated with diabetes or obesity, mix 30 grams of each of ash, horsetail, Parietal, meadow-sweet, Valerian. Boil five tablespoons of this mixture in one liter of water for several minutes. Consume that amount each day, during meals and between meals.
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