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Monday, May 7, 2018

The benefit of the plant Guiera senegalensis;

Main use of the plant Guiera Senegalensis, Parts for use in traditional medicine, Uses and dosage;

The medicinal use of Guiera Senegalensis;

The Guiera Senegalensis plant;

Guiera Senegalensis "Gelooki in Peulh language" is a shrub that can reach 3 meters, often bush less than 1.5 meters. Flowering takes place for most of the year, when the plant is foliage. Flowers often twice a year, at the end of the rainy season and during the dry season. It is a plant that grows mainly in the Sahelian Sudano zone, on sandy soils, lye or exhausted, in fallows, and arid stations. A pioneer plant disseminated by cattle in fallows, it is also indicative of overgrazing. It is found from Senegal to Cameroon, to Sudan. Very widespread and common, locally gregarious and very abundant.

Main use of the Guiera Senegalensis plant:

Use of this plant is related to its antitussive, febrifuges and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recognized actions cough treatment, which promotes breathing, febrifuge hence the prescription for cough, malaria and pneumonia bronchopath. It is often associated with Combretum Micranthum "Kinkeliba in Peulh language". The leaves are sold in the markets and used as a decoction. Across Africa, people do not hesitate to use medicinal plants to treat themselves, often at the same time as the services of modern medicine. A kind of openness and rooting in the field of health.

Medicinal Uses of Guiera Senegalensis:

The roots are deworming and used against bronchitis, diarrhea and dysentery, treatment of colic’s. The combination of roots and leaves is very effective for hemorrhoids. The bark is used to treat colic while the twigs are used to treat madness, epilepsy, and can also treat eczema, wounds, asthma, sexual asthenia and erection problems. Malaria, tooth decay and gingivitis. The plant is considered by traditional medicine practitioners in Africa as a panacea, as its medicinal properties are important and varied.

Parts that can be used in traditional medicine:

The roots are against cholera and in case of sperm insufficiency.
The leafy stems cure cavities and dental abscesses and colds.
The leaves are against malaria, bronchial or pulmonary inflammation, colic, eczema, diarrhea, dysentery, impotence, leprosy, vomiting, sunstroke, smallpox and antitussive action, febrifuge, diuretic.

Uses dosage:

To cure the cough, we infuse 20 grams of fresh leaves in a liter of boiling water; we drink this infusion in 5 shots of 200 ml during the day.
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