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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Advantages of salt mineral of Bore;

Deficit Contribution, useful complement, good combinations of bore;

Food sources of salt mineral of bore;

Bore helps to prevent osteoporosis by reducing urinary losses of calcium and magnesium. It also, relieves the symptoms of menopause by increasing the rate of estradiol, a type of estrogen, particularly active.

Food sources:

  1. The best sources are the champions and dried fruits such as prunes, grapes, etc. 
  2. Bore is as well, found in root vegetables, especially radishes, celery, and pulses, oil-seeds, dried fruits, especially walnuts, hazelnuts etc. and fresh fruits.

Deficit Contribution of Bore:

  1. In case of deficit contribution, a Boron deficiency can disrupt the balance of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. 
  2. Weaken bones and increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Useful addition of Bore:

  1.  A supplement may be useful in cases, if you eat a lot of refined foods and few vegetable fruits.
  2. During pregnancy and lactation, but consult a doctor before taking any supplements.

Can excess of Bore be toxic?

 Dietary supplements of Bore generally, have very low doses, which have so far produced no toxicity.

Good combinations of Bore:

  1. Bore is particularly, effective as the intake of manganese, calcium, vitamin B12 are important.  
  2. In practice, there is still some time; Bore was reserved for external use. 
  3. It was, for example, used in local applications to the skin as an antiseptic, in the form of boric acid. 
  4. It is now introduced into the nutritional supplements, in greater or lesser amount. 
  5. Doctors sometimes recommend Bore to relieve symptoms of menopause and to strengthen bones.
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