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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Medicinal Plant »Licorice;

The parts used of the plant, Internal use, External use, Toxicity of licorice;

The medicinal property of licorice;

The description of licorice plant;

Licorice is a herbaceous perennial plant that is fairly hardy.
Licorice can be installed in the ground or in a pot.
Its cultivation is fairly easy and it is decorative with its summer bloom and blue-violet. 
The only flaw in licorice is to harvest the roots it takes three or four years.

Medicinal Property of Licorice:

Licorice has extensive medicinal qualities.
It would especially have laxative properties and would act as gentle action cortisone. 
It is softening, antispasmodic, purgative, digestive, diuretic, refreshing and tonic.
Licorice soothes coughs and sore throats. 
It improves intestinal transit and relieves intestinal disorders. 
It helps to fight against aerophagia, constipation and refreshes the breath.
Licorice calms the cough and clears the airways. 
It promotes the healing of duodenal and gastric ulcers.
And relieves arthritis through its anti-inflammatory action. 
Children are happy to take it because its flavor is pleasant.

Parts used of licorice:

These are the roots, the rootlets of licorice that we use. 
They are to be harvested in autumn after the fall of leaves of plants.
 The roots are then dried, preferably in the sun.

Internal use of licorice:

In case of cough, suck a little licorice stick.
The infusion of licorice facilitates digestion and avoids esophageal reflex.

External use of licorice:

As licorice refreshes breath, it can enter into the composition of toothpastes. 
It is used in the manufacture of skin care creams, for irritated skin.

Toxicity of licorice:

Licorice is usually safe for short treatment. 
But taken in excess it can lead to loss of potassium and severe hypertension. 
It is not recommended for pregnant women.
People with cardiovascular, renal or hypertension disorders should consult the doctor before using licorice. 
Licorice should not be overused or exceeded. Excess licorice can cause migraines, water retention and hypertension
In general, licorice treatment should not exceed one month.
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