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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The benefits of Silicon mineral salt;

Silicon, Food Sources, Deficit Contribution, Useful supplement, Toxic excess;

The difference between silicon and silicone;

The role of silicon in health;

Silicon is the mineral the most abundant element in the earth’s crust. The human body contains it on the other hand very little, but in all its tissues. It is found for example in cartilage, in collagen, in hair, nails and skin to which it gives strength and flexibility. Silicon contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis or lipid deposits on the walls of arteries, as it has the property of enhancing the arterial walls, and see the role of salt mineral molybdenum in the body.

Dietary sources of silicon:

Silicon is found in plant fibers, particularly in whole grains, such as wheat, oats, millet, barley or rice, in onions, sugar beet, alfalfa and horsetail. This mineral salt is present in hard water. 

Deficient intake of silicon:

In case of deficit contribution! There is little information on the deficiencies, but in areas where drinking water is very poor in silicon and other minerals, the frequency of cardiovascular diseases is higher. Experiments in animals show that a deficiency may cause growth failure, fractures and atrophy of many organs.

Silicon useful addition:

A supplement may be helpful? It is not known with precision the silicon needs, and isolated deficiencies have not been highlighted.

Toxic excess of silicon:

An excess can it be toxic? No toxicity associated with an excess of silicon have been identified to date. In practice, some extracts and derived from plants may provide silicon supplements. They are found in the form of tablets, powder or capsules.

Difference between silicon and silicone:  

Silicone implants! Sometimes we confuse between silicon and silicone. Silicon is a natural substance, while the silicone is a synthetic product used especially in the manufacture of mammary implants. The many complications occurring after silicone prosthesis fitting explain that this material is controversial today.
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