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Monday, January 11, 2016

The benefits of mineral salt Manganese;

Manganese, Food Sources, Deficient intake, Useful supplement, Excess toxic;

Good combinations with manganese;

The essential role of manganese in the body;

Manganese is an essential trace element, whose role is often underestimated. It activates numerous enzymes and involved in the metabolism of cholesterol. It is necessary to the production of thyroid hormones and insulin, and help the body to neutralize harmful substances such as free radicals. Finally, it contributes to good cartilage.

     Food sources of manganese:

  1.  Manganese is present in many foods. 
  2. This explains why, even if it is poorly absorbed from the intestine, and only 3 to 4% of the dietary intake is retained, a normal diet provides sufficient of it. 
  3. Manganese is found in hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cereals, such oats, wheat, corn, etc. and their derivatives, pulses, green dark leafy vegetables, especially spinach, tea, and coffee. 
  4. The presence of phytic enzyme abundant in whole grains may reduce the intestinal absorption of manganese. 
  5. Consuming large amounts of calcium, in particular dairy products, or phosphorus, such as meat and sodas give the same effect, and the iron intake creates a mutual inhibition of the absorption of these two minerals.

    Deficit intake of Manganese:

  1. In case of deficit contribution! 
  2. Manganese deficiency is unknown in humans. 
  3. In animals, it impairs bone growth and cause significant impairment of cerebral and neuron-muscular functions.

    Manganese useful addition:

  1. A supplement may be useful! 
  2. If you take calcium and iron supplements. 
  3. In times of breastfeeding and during pregnancy. 
  4. But you should consult a doctor before taking any supplements of vitamins or minerals.

    Excess toxic Manganese:

  1. An excess can it be toxic? 
  2. Low toxicity when ingested, manganese causes mental disorders when inhaled significantly, this has been observed in people working in manganese mines.

    Good combinations with manganese:

  1. The organism makes the most benefit of the manganese in the presence of vitamins C, B, and E
  2. In practice, better to take an integrated complement to a set of well balanced minerals.
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