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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The benefits of mineral salt Selenium;

Selenium, Food Sources, Deficit Contribution, useful supplement, toxic excess;

Symptoms of Selenium deficiency;

The contradiction of Selenium;

Selenium, formerly classified as toxic minerals, selenium is now considered essential and beneficial, particularly because of its antioxidant properties and its favorable influence on aging. Combined with vitamin E, it has the ability to neutralize harmful substances called free radicals and boost immunity. It also would protect against cardiovascular disease. Studies have further shown that selenium deficiency is linked to a higher incidence of certain cancers.

Food sources of Selenium:

  1. The amount of selenium in the soil varies considerably from one region of the world to another. 
  2. As the selenium content of our diet is very variable. 
  3. Walnuts and other nuts are rich in selenium, as well as seafood, fish, meat and offal, mushrooms, whole grains, garlic and shallot.

      Deficient intake of Selenium:

  1. In case of deficit contribution; 
  2. Selenium deficiency can cause fatigue, hypersensitivity to infections, premature aging and a decrease in fertility, especially among men. 
  3. It would also be responsible for increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

      Useful supplement of Selenium:

  1. A supplement may be useful! If you live in a region with soils deficient in selenium. 
  2. In men whose needs are more important than women. 
  3. If you follow a reduced calorie diet. 
  4. If you drink alcohol regularly. 
  5. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but one should consult a doctor before taking supplements of vitamins or minerals.

     A toxic excess selenium:

  1. An excess of selenium can it be toxic? 
  2. Selenium is moderately toxic. 
  3. Chronic overuse may however cause hair loss and alterations of the nails, which become brittle, discolored or are covered with white spots. 
  4. Loss of appetite is sometimes found, as well as digestive problems, numbness in the extremities and a decrease in tactile sensations. 
  5. Excess dietary is extremely rare, but selenium is used in many industrial activities, and sometimes being absorbed by the workers during their work.

     Good combinations:

  1. If taking a selenium supplement, better to do it with vitamin E
  2. In practice; it is probably best to ensure an adequate supply through a balanced diet including meat and fish, and consume regularly seafood, mushrooms and garlic, but if you are sensitive yeast, make sure to choose certified products without yeast, because sometimes the selenium supplements are derived from it.
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