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Monday, December 14, 2015

The benefits of mineral salt Copper;

Food sources, deficient intake, useful supplement, excess toxic of copper;  

A deficient intake of copper;

The essential role of copper;

Copper plays a role, as well as iron, in the formation of red blood cells. It is a component of many enzymes, one of which helps to fight against free radicals, and melanin or pigment of the skin and hair. It is essential for the synthesis of cartilage and collagen, and therefore the health of bones and joints.

     Food Sources of Copper:

  1. Copper is present in many foods, including liver, seafood, chocolate, dried vegetables, wheat germ, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.), and whole grains. 
  2. Intestinal absorption of the copper may be hampered by the presence of vitamin C, zinc, calcium, manganese, molybdenum or toxic substances such as mercury or lead. 
  3. Copper is stored by the body, and food usually brings in enough to cover our needs.

     Deficit copper intake:

  1. In case of deficit contribution! 
  2. Copper deficiency often associated with iron deficiency and may aggravate the symptoms of anemia that result. 
  3. A copper deficient intake causes stunted growth and may increase the risk of heart disease and infections and weaken bones, disrupt the functioning of the nervous system and thyroid gland.

     Useful complement of copper:

  1. A copper supplement may be useful! 
  2. If you take zinc supplements. 
  3. If you suffer from chronic diarrhea and disorders of intestinal assimilation. 
  4. If you are older and do not have much appetite. 
  5. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, but you should consult a doctor before taking any supplements of vitamins or minerals.

     Excess toxic of copper:

  1. Excess copper can be toxic? 
  2. The slight poisoning is causing fatigue, irritability and difficulty of learning. 
  3. Excessive intake can cause skin disorders, a change in the color of the skin and hair, diarrhea, vomiting, lesions of the liver and kidneys.

     Good combinations with copper:

  1. Copper is effective when dietary cobalt, iron and zinc is good. 
  2. In practice, it is better to take multi preparation minerals.
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