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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The benefits of mineral salt Zinc;

Food sources, deficient intake, useful complement, toxic excess of Zinc;  

Symptoms of severe deficiency of zinc;

The role of zinc in body health;

Zinc is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, zinc helps to fighting the infectious diseases. It participates in the fight against free radicals and the formation of hormones and enzymes. It plays an essential role in cell division and growth. Zinc is essential for tissue healing, for the good health of the skin, hair and nails. It is also very important for sexual development.

     Food Sources of Zinc:

  1.  Zinc is present in many foods and seems like iron, be better absorbed when it comes from animal products such as meat, fish or seafood. 
  2. Other sources of zinc are complete cereals, dried fruits, such as walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. pulses, cheese and yeast. 
  3. You should know that vegetable fiber and phytic acid in wholegrain cereals inhibit zinc absorption.

     Deficit intake of Zinc:

  1. In case of deficiency intake of zinc! Severe deficiency of zinc weakens the immune system and increase the risk of infections and allergies. 
  2. The others are slower wound healing, loss of taste and smell, poor night vision, hair loss, rash, the appearance of spots on the nails, a state of apathy and sleeping troubles. 
  3. In humans, deficiency can cause impotence or sterility problems; while in the female menstruation may become irregular. 
  4. Finally, children may have slowed growth and delayed sexual maturity.

     Useful addition of Zinc:

  1. A supplement may be helpful! 
  2. If you follow a vegetarian diet. 
  3. If you follow low-calorie diet or appetite misses you. 
  4. In times of stress. 
  5. If you sweat a lot, like the cases of intensive sports. 
  6. If you suffer from diarrhea. 
  7. If you take diuretics. 
  8. If you drink alcohol regularly. 
  9. If you have psoriasis, since the formation of scabs can cause zinc losses. 
  10. If you are taking oral contraceptives or if you are on hormone replacement therapy.
  11. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, but one should consult a doctor before taking a supplement.

     Excess toxic of Zinc:

  1. An excess can it be toxic? 
  2. High doses of zinc can cause metallic taste in the mouth and cause nausea, heartburn and diarrhea. 
  3. The excess of zinc can also lead to neurological diseases, blood copper deficiency and elevated blood cholesterol.

     Good combinations with Zinc:

  1.  To reach its maximum efficiency, zinc must be accompanied by an appropriate amount of calcium, copper, phosphorus, selenium and vitamins A, B6, and E.  
  2. In practice, if you take zinc supplement; it is preferable to do it during a meal containing animal proteins, because they improve the absorption and assimilation of zinc. 
  3. Avoid consuming at the same time the soybeans, which the proteins had the opposite effect.
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