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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The benefits of mineral salts;

The needs of minerals and trace elements, minerals intakes;

What are mineral salts?

Mineral salts are essential components to our organization.
1. For some of these minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, sulfur or chlorine, the daily requirement may exceed 100 mg, see also food minerals.
2. For others, called trace elements, the needs are more modest, sometimes on the order of only a few micrograms.
3. These trace elements are however also necessary for our balance, and all indications are that their list is doomed to increase with improved chemical analytical techniques.

Mineral salts daily intake:

1. Only a limited number of minerals contained on the official list of recommendations for daily intake.   
2. Yet gaps are probably more numerous in this area than in vitamins, especially in cases of low-calorie diet or momentary increase in needs in women during pregnancy and nursing, among others.
3. The best way to ensure an adequate daily intake of minerals is to have a healthy and varied diet.
4. Avoid strict dieting or those that include a large proportion of highly purified foods made ​​with white flour, refined grains, and white sugar as the main nutritional qualities have disappeared during refining operations.
5. It is also recommended to limit consumption of caffeine and alcohol that disrupt the metabolism of certain minerals.
6. Better to eat healthily than having the need to take dietary supplements.
7. Indeed, the inorganic salts absorbed in this way may enter in competition and have inhibitory effects.  
8. Thus, ingestion of large amounts of calcium may impair the absorption of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese, while an excess of zinc is likely to reduce the absorption of copper, fluorine, iron and phosphorus.
9. If you still hold to take food supplements, it is best to opt for preparations comprising a balanced selection and a moderate dosage of mineral salts, and not seek to remedy a deficiency without medical advice.
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