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Monday, April 20, 2015

Vitamin C ascorbic acid;

The role of vitamin C in the body and vitamin C deficiency consequences;

The main role of vitamin C;

The role of vitamin C:
Vitamin C plays a vital role in many vital processes. It stimulates the immune system; helps fight against free radicals and can neutralize nitrosamines, substances carcinogens in the gut. It promotes the absorption of iron and calcium, and control of ossification. It is involved in the formation of collagen, which explains its action on healing.

      Vitamin C food sources:

1.    Vitamin C is found almost exclusively in plants, especially in the parsley, peppers, kiwis, strawberries, cabbage, citrus fruits, tomatoes and potatoes.
2.    The bodies are unable to synthesize vitamin C it is stored in small quantities and may from short time.  
3.    It is therefore important that the daily intake is sufficient and well distributed in the day.
4.    Vitamin C is very brittle it is destroyed by heat, light and oxygen.

     Vitamin C deficiency symptoms:

1.    In case of deficit contributions;
2.    Inadequate intake of vitamin C causes a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, greater infection’s susceptibility;
3.    Poor wound healing and increased susceptibility to bruising.
4.    The real deficiency causes scurvy, a disease nowadays rare, manifested by progressive weakness, bleeding gums and peeling or removal of the horny layer of the skin.
5.    Such symptoms sometimes appear more or less attenuated when suddenly edge take large doses of vitamin C as a supplement, it is necessary to gradually reduce intake to give the body time to adapt.

      Vitamin C supplement:

1.    A supplement may be helpful;
2.    In times of stress or if you are exposed to significant pollution.
3.    If you smoke, see how to get rid of tobacco.
4.    During pregnancy and lactation.
5.    If you are suffering infection. 
6.    After surgery or if you have a wound that is struggling to heal.
7.    If you drink alcohol regularly. 
8.    But consult the doctor before taking any supplements.

       Vitamin C ascorbic determination:

1.    If excess intake;
2.    Although the surplus of vitamin C is quickly excreted in the urine, hypervitaminosis is possible.
3.    It can cause diarrhea, stomach pain and urinary stones.
4.    These symptoms disappear if you reduce the doses.
5.    Moreover, an excess of vitamin C inhibits the absorption of copper and vitamin B12.
6.    Poisoning food borne overdose are almost non-existent.
7.    In case of kidney stones, consult your doctor before taking high-dose prolonged vitamin C supplements.

     Vitamin C combination:

1.    Good combinations;
2.    The presence of vitamin P optimizes the action of vitamin C taken as a supplement.
3.    In practice, it is the most widely used form of vitamin supplements in the regular manner.
4.    It is available in tablets to suck or chew.
5.    Powder or effervescent tablets to dissolve in water.
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