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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Marula Importance in Nature;

Marula Traditional Uses, Marula Commercial Uses;

Marula Different Uses;

The leaves and fruit are eaten by a number of herbivorous mammals including warthog, elephant bushbuck, kudu, monkeys and baboons. Elephants strip the bark to eat the nutritious inner bark. It is a food plant for a number of butterflies and moths. The Saturnid Caterpillar congregates on the Marula tree to feed on the leaves and is collected by the locals who roast and eat them. The tree is also frequented by the larvae of the Cerambycid (longhorn) wood boring beetle.

Marula traditional Uses:

 The seed kernels are high in protein and fat, with a subtle nutty flavor, and constitute an important emergency food. Marula oil that is made from the seed kernel, is a delicious additive to meals in Africa. It contains antioxidants and oleic acid. The bark is used both as treatment and a prophylaxis for malaria. An infusion of the inner bark of the Marula tree may be applied to scorpion stings and snake bites to alleviate pain. The leaves are chewed on to help indigestion and to treat heartburn. Marula oil made from the seed kernel can be used as a type of skin care oil. Products of fruits and the tree are useful in crafts and agriculture. Gums exudates from the stem are mixed with water and soot to make ink. The bark also yields a red brown dye used in coloring traditional craft ware. The fruit infusion is used to bathe tike infested livestock. The fruit is regarded as a potent insecticide.

Commercial Uses:

On an industrial level the fruit of the Marula tree is collected from the wild by members of rural communities on whose land the trees grow. This harvest and sale of fruit occurs only during two to three months but is an important income to poor rural people. The fruit is delivered to processing plants where fruit pulp, pips, kernels and kernel oil are extracted and stored for processing throughout the year. The most important industrial product is Amarula, which is probably still the second largest selling cream liquor in the world. Another fruit based products is a frozen Marula puree, which is supplied to food manufactures that use it as an ingredient in their products. The third largest Marula fruit based industry is the production of Marula oil as an ingredient for cosmetic
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