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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vitamin B7 Choline benefit;

Vitamin B benefits, vitamin B hypertension;

Vitamin B7 essential role;

Vitamin B7 Choline has the ability to prevent or reduce the formation of fatty deposits in the liver, called steatosis.
1.    Choline also protects cell membranes and contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses;
2.    It is a precursor of the lecithin and acetylcholine, constituents of nerve and brain tissue.

Vitamin B7 food sources:

1.    Food sources;
2.    Choline is found in many foods, including organ meats, egg yolks, soybeans, wheat germs and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B7 deficiency:

1.    The dietary deficiency is very rare;
2.    It causes diseases of the liver and kidneys and promotes high blood pressure.

Vitamin B7 supplements:

1.    Added vitamin B7 may be useful in cases;
2.    If you drink alcohol regularly;
3.    During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
4.    But you should consult a doctor before taking any supplements of vitamins or minerals.

Vitamin B7 excess intake: 

1.    Excessive intake can cause nausea, neurological problems and mental disorders;
2.    Sometimes the body exudes a fishy smell, and at this sign the supplement should be withdrawn immediately.   

  Vitamin B7 good combinations:

1.    Good combinations;
2.    Choline should be prescribed with other B vitamins, especially with vitamin I Inositol
3.    Its properties are enhanced by linoleic acid;
4.    In practice, if you take supplements, choose those with a balanced mix and moderate amounts of B vitamins.
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