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Vitamin I Inositol benefits;

Vitamin I Inositol food sources, deficiency, supplement, excess intake, good combinations;

The role of vitamin I Inositol;

Vitamin I Inositol helps to protect cell membranes, including those of the brain and nervous system.
1.    Inositol participates in enzymatic actions and training of hormones such as estrogen.
2.    Like Choline, it plays a role in the prevention of fatty liver.
3.    Beneficial to the skin, Inositol also promotes hair growth. 

Vitamin I Inositol food sources:

1.    Food sources of vitamin I.
2.    Inositol is found in animal foods such as meat, offal, and so of vegetable origin such as fruits, cereals, legumes.
3.    But in plants, it is in a particular form, the phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of certain minerals.
4.    Synthesized by intestinal bacteria, Inositol can be stored by the body.
5.    A daily intake is not essential.  

Vitamin I Inositol deficiency:  

1.    In case of deficit intake.
2.    Very scarce, Inositol deficiency can cause skin and neurological disorders, hair loss and constipation.

Vitamin I Inositol supplement:

1.    A supplement may be useful in cases.
2.    If you drink alcohol regularly in relatively large doses.
3.    If you follow a long-term antibiotic treatment.
4.    During pregnancy and lactation, you should consult a doctor before taking any supplements of vitamins or minerals. 

Vitamin I Inositol excess intake:

1.    In case of excess supply of Inositol.
2.    No toxic effects were observed to date.  

Vitamin I Inositol good combinations:

1.    Good combinations.
2.    Inositol should be administered with other B group of vitamins, particularly with vitamin B7 Choline.
3.    Simultaneous intake of linoleic acid could strengthen its action.
4.    In practice, prefer balanced complement, and moderate dosage of B vitamins.

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