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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What are advantages of PH to body life;

What are the major factors unbalancing PH?

What is the PH level of the body?

  1. The PH level is a measure of acidity or alkalinity on scale of 1 to 14, with 1 being most acid, 14 being most alkaline and 7 being mid range or neutral; 
  2. The PH level of human body varies from one organ or system to another; 
  3. The stomach PH is much more acid than the intestinal PH because the stomach needs a middle of strong acidic, like hydrochloric acid to break down and digest the food; 
  4. While the good bacteria of the small intestine need to be in a more alkaline middle to assimilate and process the nutrients from the digested food by the stomach.
  • PH balance:

1.    The PH balance of the body is the balance of alkaline and acidic in the body’s fluid;
2.    The PH level is one of the most important balance systems of the body;
3.    The natural and ideal human PH of the body is 7.4 which are very essential for the body’s functions to be curried out normally; The metabolic and the chemical activities in the body are acidic in nature but the alkaline PH balances it out;
4.    If the human PH becomes acidic in nature it will harm the whole body;
5.    The human PH is a regulator that keeps all acidic levels of the body in control and affects the functions of each organ.
  • Major factors unbalancing PH:

1.    The main factors of disturbing the PH balance are the foods and the drinks we consume;
2.    By eating acidic foods the human organs get acidic, whereas alkaline foods provide the PH alkaline;
3.    If the acidic start increasing than normal the disastrous effects appear;
4.    This disturbance of PH balance is called PH imbalance which is like magnet for diseases;
5.    Cells take oxygen and nutrition and then expel toxins, with an acidic human PH this function gets affected and the cells immune system gets overwhelmed and the cells become unhealthy and weak that makes it a target for serious diseases such as cancer;
6.    In the same reason the human PH affects the functions of the brain;
7.    It is known that the brain does not have fat cells of its own but absorbs energy directly for the blood cells;
8.    Disturbed PH prevents the brain from functioning well as a result the brain gets weakened.
  • Consequence of an acidic imbalance:

1.    An acidic PH changes the polarity of the blood cells from negative to positive and they immediately attract the artery walls, which are also negative thus causing them to clog;
2.    This brings to serious coronary problems;
3.    An acidic PH results in weight gain, as obesity is a direct consequence of an acidic imbalance;
4.    To get rid of these excess pounds, then there might be a way to restore the PH alkaline nature;
5.    All vital organs of human body get affected by the acid-alkaline balance;
6.    Healthy blood cells are red and round but when their surroundings become acidic they change to off color and shapeless thus losing their balance and with that health.
  • Alkaline PH:

1.    An alkaline human PH is an essential for a healthy and long life;
2.    Therefore it is recommended to take care to maintain the alkaline PH which repels diseases and energize oneself, by consuming alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits, almonds, honey, olive oil, and alkaline water;
3.    Also it is recommended to avoid consuming lot of acidic foods such as animal flesh, fats and processed foods that should not excess the 20 percent of the entire food intake.
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