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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to detect sickle cell anemia;

Symptoms and manifestations of sickle cell crisis;

What are the factors that trigger sickle cell crisis?

The detector of sickle cell anemia;

1.    Emmel test; to detect sickle cell it is affected in the hospital or in a medical laboratory analysis of blood as hemoglobin electrophoresis or Emmel test;
2.    If the test is positive, it indicates severe anemia sometimes with a million red blood cells per cubic millimeter;
3.    The characteristic deformation of red blood cells due to hemoglobin S is noted, find also how to treat sickle cell.

Sickle cell for the pregnant woman

1.    There is always a repeated abortion;
2.    The child is often dies during childbirth, either at birth or shortly after, and his mother is suffering from jaundice;
3.    In addition it is prone to infections of the lungs, kidneys, and heart or circulatory to accidents, a very severe anemia, and convulsions that can lead to death.
4.    Signs of sickle cell;
5.    They are all sharper than all the red blood cells contain abnormal hemoglobin.

Child sickle cell

1.    It is noted that from the age of six months, the pale gums, tongue, palms of the hands;
2.    He feels pain in the extremities and fingers are swollen and hot;
3.    The inside of the eyelids and the whites of the eyes are yellow because of jaundice, the spleen, the liver, the heart, are large and tonsils,  adenoids, lymph nodes are also large, and then the heart is tired to circulate the blood as a result of heart failure;
4.    This situation will remain unchanged until the age of eight to ten years;
5.    And after the spleen and lymph volume will decrease;
6.    The growth in size and weight gain is slow but eventually the size will be higher than normal with long slender limbs and a below average weight, delayed puberty;
7.    X-ray examination revealed the change in bone structure, dent in the skull;
8.    The long bones are often corroded, riddled with infection, and their heads are deformed vertebrae;
9.    Ulcers appear on the legs, the condition is altered and traces exist in the lungs, due to blockage or burst blood vessels.

Manifestations of sickle cell crisis

1.    Three days before the attack, the patient feels transparent pain like needles in the chest, neck, in the kidneys and legs, as well as headaches and dizziness, severe and often fatal crises occur suddenly with excruciating pain from the age of six months and are common in children up to five years;
2.    The pain is localized mostly in the belly that is bloated or in the skeleton, joints;
3.    Until the age of twenty when the spleen and liver grow disproportionately and that infections are neglected, pain crises are frequent, it is then an intense destruction of red blood cells, causing coma and death;
4.    If the outcome was not fatal, the adult feels after the crisis for a week tingling in the neck and along the back, and then comes a stationary phase of relative calm.

Factors that trigger sickle cell crisis

1.    The aggravating factors of the crisis are related to everything that degrades or weakens the body and causes increased acidification of the blood;
2.    Including strenuous exercise, excessive fatigue, overwork, the exposure to cold and moisture, fever, whatever the cause;
3.    The sluggishness of white blood cells that reduce resistance to infections;
4.    A lack of vitamin C, which causes the hypocoagubility of blood;
5.    Insufficient rest or sleep;
6.    The use of stimulants such as alcohol, tea, coffee, cocoa;
7.    Intoxicating food, especially canned food of meat or fish;
8.    The abuse of white sugar and sweets;
9.    Fluid milk and egg consumption;
10.  Finally all kinds of intestinal infections with diarrhea, viral, bacterial or parasitic infections, etc...
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