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Friday, September 26, 2014

The responsibility of parents to transfer sickle cell;

The responsibility of parents to transfer sickle cell to the child;  

How to strengthen the defense mechanism of body?

Transmission of sickle cell by parents

1.    Some parents who do not suffer from sickle cell disease can pass it under severe forms to their children;
2.    Depending on the mechanisms of fertilization;
3.    A couple can have only sick children or otherwise healthy children.

An abnormal gene

1.    If individuals each have abnormal genes, avoid marrying between them, and then the proportion of bad will be falling;
2.    Unfortunately marriages in the same clan, intermarriage between first cousins, promote transfer of family defects;
3.    Because of polygamy, one male sickle cell can transmit the gene to several children by his wives;
4.    Besides the fact that the subjects AS, resistant malaria and sickle cell disease, they remain somewhat healthy carriers;
5.    But if they marry between them, it will result in a larger number of carriers of genes S, especially since it has curiously been an increase in fertility in heterozygous sickle cell disease. 

Strengthen the defense mechanism of body:

1.    Apart from malaria, many other causes contribute to the outbreak of the crisis in sickle cell disease and cause complications;
2.    This is why strengthening the defense mechanisms of the body is necessary;
3.    By helping the vital organs;
4.    Leading a healthy lifestyle;
5.    Correcting deficiencies, so it is often possible to stop the attacks or space them even over several years.
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