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Monday, September 22, 2014

How to treat sickle cell anemia;

The benefit of food reforming for sickle cell;

What is the benefit of herbal treatment of sickle cell?

How to manage a patient during the sickle cell crisis?

The modern medicine; despite of the extensive research in major laboratories, sickle cell disease still routs modern medicine, see how to detect sickle cell
1.    Some researchers have tried to act on the genes to produce normal hemoglobin in the fetus or fight against the sickling of red blood cells with an effective chemical molecule;
2.    But the problem is hardly to be solved because the toxicity of the products poses an additional risk to the sick.

The benefit of herbal treatment:

1.    The benefit of herbal medicine; 
2.    The only satisfactory approach is to strengthen the body not to favor the onset of crises;
3.    It is best to use natural treatment to fight infections;
4.    Correct and prevent anemia by acting on the liver, central gland with multiple functions and spleen whose action has a close relationship with the circulatory system;
5.    Besides, modern medicine recognizes that real reliefs recorded today in the fight against sickle cell disease are due to the use of plants in the pharmacopoeia as Catharanthus rousers or periwinkle;
6.    Fagara zanthosyloïdes whose sap stops the falsiformation of the blood sickle cell or red blood cells by providing the ability to bind oxygen;
7.    It gives very encouraging results in combining herbal medicine, diet and all natural healing factors.

Preliminary recommendations of hygiene and nutrition:

1.    In the case of sickle cell crisis;
2.    During the sickle cell crises make sure to warm the patient, to calm him, to thoroughly rehydrate him by taking herbal detoxifying, diuretic, antipyretic, anti-infectious;
3.    You must place the patient in good condition of breathing and oxygenation;
4.   Tobacco or smoky surrounding prevents hemoglobin to bind oxygen;
5.    It should ensure the patient a regular sleep and good digestion.

The benefit of food reforming

1.    Food reforming aims to eliminate intoxicating and acidifying substances from the body and to supply the best foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes of good quality;
2.    Indeed the production of red blood cells requires vitamins, especially vitamin B12 which insufficient absorption leads to lower red blood cells, vitamin C, and some mineral elements that can be assimilated, like magnesium, potassium, iron, active part of the Hemoglobin is found in lentils and especially in green vegetables;
3.    A lack of these elements causes a decrease in the number of new red blood cells and hence anemia and organic weakness.
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