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Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to make treatment of disorders;

Using variable plants to healing malaria;

How to deal with digestive disease related to malaria?

How to prepare treatments against malaria?

Treatment against anemia, jaundice, bilious access:
1.    The following teas are used either;
2.    As soon as the patient begins to resume eating;
3.    This post is following digestive disorders associated to malaria.

Patience, dandelion, horsetail, Stinging nettle, and rosemary

1.    Put in a liter of water two tablespoons of patience roots;
2.    Four tablespoons or a handful of dandelion and horsetail;
3.    Boil two minutes;
4.    Add two tablespoons of Stinging Nettle, and a tablespoon of rosemary soup;
5.    Infuse ten minutes;
6.    Strain and drink all in two days before lunch and dinner.  

Hops and Stinging nettle

1.    Boil a handful of hops in a liter of water;
2.    Add two tablespoons of Stinging Nettle leaves;
3.    And infuse ten minutes;
4.    Drink a cup before meals.

Powder of dried bark of caïlcedrat

1.    Stir into a hot tea or porridge, half a teaspoon of powdered bark of caïlcedrat;
2.    And drink in the morning on an empty stomach and at bedtime.

Leaves of flamboyant, mustard locust and sea salt

1.    Take two handfuls of green leaves of flamboyant;
2.    Four tablespoons mustard seeds of fermented locust;
3.    And a teaspoon of unprocessed sea salt;
4.    Pound or crush everything to a smooth paste;
5.    And then eat this amount for three days.

Teak and sour sop

1.    Put a handful of chopped teak leaves and sour sop leaves in a liter of water;
2.    Boil five to eight minutes;
3.    Go and drink.

Black or pink radish cure

1.    Eat during four days only black peel, and mash potato without fat or salt;
2.    Radish should not be peeled because the skin plays an important role;
3.    Otherwise, take pink radish;
4.    In case you can not bear the radish, take only the grated peel with a little brown sugar.

Teas of black radish

1.    Put fifteen to thirty grams of horseradish in a liter of water;
2.    Boil five minutes, marinate around twelve hours
3.    Drink two cups a day between meals for seven days.

Bay sauce and mint

1.    Put four bay sauce leaves;
2.    And two tablespoons of mint in a pint of boiling water;
3.    Infuse ten minutes;
4.    Drink three times a day, after meals.
5.    Lemon Cure
6.    Drink every day two or three times diluted juice of two to five lemons for four weeks.


1.    Boil for five minutes in a liter of water one hundred grams of seed or two handfuls of roots or leaves of parsley;
2.    Infuse fifteen minutes;
3.    Strain and drink two cups a day before main meals.

Beetroot, carrot, lemon

1.    Drink every day instead of a meal, a mixture of fresh juice of beetroot, carrot, and lemon;
2.    Drink slowly by tablespoons.  

Alfalfa or Alfalfa sprouts:

1.    Take some fermented seeds or drops or capsules of alfalfa;
2.    Three times a day with meals.

Dietary supplements:

1.    Pollen of ball flowers;
2.    Take three to four teaspoons of pollen, morning and afternoon shortly before meals;
3.    Chew well, and after drink some water.
4.    Seaweed;
5.    Take two to three capsules or bulb blooms of seaweed;
6.    Three times a day before meals.
7.    Molasses of sugar cane
8.    Take a teaspoon of black molasses;
9.    Four times a day, diluted in water of cider vinegar;
10. But no more than one teaspoon per day of apple cider vinegar.
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