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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to use natural herbs to treat malaria;

The procedures of using natural plants to cure malaria;

 What are the natural plants curing malaria?

There are many types of natural plants that can cure malaria, such as roman chamomile, thyme, rosemary, Boldo, sage, sake, Quinqueliba, lemon, onion, papaya, cassava, Lemongrass, ben-winged, Parsley, Peels of pineapple, and coconut roots, but only differ to the quantity and the preparation.

Roman chamomile, thyme, and rosemary

1.    Put in a pint of boiling water four heads of chamomile and two teaspoons of thyme and rosemary;
2.    Infuse six minutes;
3.    Strain and drink before the meal of lunch and dinner.

Boldo, sage, rosemary, and sake

1.    Put in half a liter of water a tablespoon of Boldo;
2.    Bring to a boil;
3.    Add two tablespoons of sage;
4.    Boil three minutes;
5.    Add two tablespoons of sake and two tablespoons of rosemary;
6.    Infuse six to ten minutes;
7.    Go and drink warm before or after meals.

Quinqueliba, lemon, and onion

1.    Put in a liter of water two lemons;
2.    And two medium onions cut into quarters;
3.    And four handfuls of Quinqueliba leaves;
4.    Boil for ten minutes;
5.    Strain and drink throughout the day.

Papaya, cassava, and Quinqueliba

1.    Take a large sheet of papaya, cassava leaves, two or three handfuls of chopped leafy branches of Quinqueliba;
2.    Wash, dry, crush, and put to soak in a liter of cold water for several hours or all day;
3.    Strain and add at the time to drink juice of two lemons in half a glass of teas and drink for every two hours.

Lemongrass, lemon, and ben-winged

1.    Put in a liter of water of corn or other fermented cereal;
2.    A handful of lemongrass;
3.    A handful of lemon leaves;
4.    And a handful of ben-winged leaves;
5.    Boil five minutes;
6.    Strain and drink throughout the day.


1.    Boil fifty grams of root or seed or parsley leaves in a quart of water for five minutes;
2.    Infuse fifteen minutes;
3.    Pass and drink two cups before meals.

Peels of pineapple and coconut roots

1.    Put two hundred grams of ripe pineapple peels;
2.    And a handful of chopped coconut roots in a liter of water;
3.    Boil ten minutes;
4.    Go and drink three times a day by adding fresh lemon juice.
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