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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to use plants in natural curing?

How to use natural plant treatments for malaria?

The instructions and guidelines for using plants;

How to the measures

1.    A pinch with three fingers, weighs two to three grams;
2.    Two teaspoons, contain about five grams;
3.    A tablespoon, equals ten grams;
4.    A handful, equals thirty grams;
5.    A little boot, features a dozen sticks, long as the length of must major finger adult or two handfuls of chopped plants;
6.    A mean boot, equals fifteen sticks, twice the length of the major finger adult or three handfuls;
7.    A large bunch, equals twenty rods of the same length, or four handles;
8.    A glass or a cup contains a little less than a quart of litter.


1.    Measure out the required quantities of plants;
2.    And make infusion;
3.    Or decoction;
4.    Or maceration.


1.    The infusion is made ​​by pouring hot water on the plants;
2.    Use a container made ​​of porcelain, or glass, or ceramics, or enamel pot, or stainless;
3.    As steel should be avoided and all matters that can be oxidized;
4.    Cover the container for the specified time, say six to ten minutes or more;
5.    And then strain through a sieve.


1.    The decoction is to put the plants in the cold water and bring to a boil for the indicated time;
2.    Avoid boiling the flowers and scented leaves;
3.    They can be used in teas.


1.    The maceration is to put the plants in the cold or hot water or in oil or alcohol;
2.    Sometimes for several hours or several days without boiling.

The use of the plants

1.    Consistent bath-washing;
2.    Washing disinfectant;
3.    And steam bath.


1.    Promotes dilation of the pores of the skin and helps to eliminate toxins;
2.    At first, wash with soap to remove any dirt;
3.    Use eight liters of hot liquid at 40ºC for wetting the body for two minutes;
4.    Take the liquid with a sponge or a bowl to pour on the body, see also the physical exercises.

Disinfectant enema

1.    Involves injecting the liquid through the anus to the large intestine with a pear enema rubber jar or bock maintained at 5O cm above the flow;
2.    Lie on the right side and slowly inject the liquid;
3.    But it takes a while before going to the toilet.

Steam bath

1.    This bath is very effective in removing toxins quickly;
2.    It should be taken with caution because its action is violent;
3.    The very weak or those whose nerves and heart are in poor condition should avoid the steam bath.

Process of steam bath

1.    In the bedroom or the shower, sit on a stool next to a container containing a boiling decoction;
2.    Cover the entire body except the head with a thick bed sheet or two campaigns that fall to the ground, so that the steam does not escape;
3.    If possible stay for ten to fifteen minutes;
4.    After the operation, wipe well, change wet shirts, lie, cover, drink teas to promote sweating.
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