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Monday, June 23, 2014

The summary of different cures for different diseases;

Prevention not to get diseases is better than curing diseases;

How to practice different cures for different diseases?

          How to treat different diseases with different plants?

         The cures of gout
1.    Make food reform. 
2.    Eliminate prune foods and beverages, particularly alcohol, red wine and see the nuisance of tobacco
3.    Drain the liver with olive oil and lemon; make herbal liver and hot clay poultice over the liver. 
4.    Purify the organisms with cure harpagophytum, linden wild, sapwood currant or ash and birch.
5.    Make tea for heart and circulation. 
6.    Remineralize with treatment of egg-lemon cure associated with fenugreek. 
7.    Make tea of horsetail leaves and Stinging Nettle by two tablespoons each, in half a liter of water. 
8.    Boil two minutes. 
9.    Infuse ten minutes and drink a glass before each meal. 
10.  Make a poultice of clay or thick ivy on swollen areas.
11.  Make bath seat or bath feet warm with red vine. 
12.  Do hot fomentation on the affected areas. 
13.  Start massage of camphor oil and garlic.

            The cures of lumbago

1.    Detoxify and purify the body. 
2.    Treat the liver. 
3.    Drain the kidney. 
4.    Make clay poultice or cataplasm of brand-cabbage-onion over the painful area. 
5.    Do hot fomentation. 
6.    Take rest, either immobilize or stay on a safe astride chair.

           The cures of sciatica:

1.    Brew chamomile and queen-des-Pres, and drink.
2.    Make lemon cure. 
3.    Make a poultice of clay on the spine of the lumbar region or lower back. 
4.    Apply poultice of ivy leaves or coleslaw over the legs.
5.    Make warm foot bath in red vine. 
6.    Make friction massage with camphorated oil and garlic. 
7.    Make hot fomentation to the spine. 
8.    Be careful and gradual exercise to strengthen ligaments and tendons.

           The cures of disc herniation

1.    Make food reform. 
2.    Avoid prune foods, like alcohol, refined starchy foods. 
3.    Purify the blood with treatment of wild sapwood and lime. 
4.    Make clay cure, alternating with oral treatment of egg and lemon. 
5.    Make clay poultice on lumbar and cervical. 
6.    Make gentle massage to the surrounding muscles of the spine, and then the whole back, but be careful not to rough handling of vertebrae.

            The cures of soft tissues for rheumatism

1.    Make food reform. 
2.    Make tea for the liver after every meal. 
3.    Make lemon and orange alternating every other week with the tea of plant mixes such as wormwood bitter, calm, hyssop, oregano centipede, veronica, betony, aquatic germander, ten grams of each plant. 
4.    Put three tablespoons of the mixture in half a liter of water. 
5.    Boil two minutes and infuse ten to fifteen minutes. 
6.    Drink in the morning before eating or drinking something else. 
7.    Repeat in case of pain.

           The cures of dental arthritis:

1.    Dental arthritis, as sore gums or loose, infected teeth or abscesses. 
2.    Make cure linden, wild sapwood, queen-des-Pres, soapwort, boxwood and scurvy, thirty grams per liter of water, boil and let macerate for twelve hours. 
3.    Go and drink during one or two days. 
4.    Use as dentifrice of fine clay powder with dried and crushed mint leaves. 
5.    Make mouth wash in morning and night with salty water of a tablespoon of unrefined salt in a liter of warm water.
6.    Suck day and night a piece of clay. 
7.    Put clay dough, fairly consistent on the infected tooth, along the painful gum.
8.    Remember that prevention is better than cure. 
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