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Monday, June 23, 2014

How to cure infectious and acute;

Dealing with heart and circulation problems;

 Support the general condition of heart;

In the case of serious heart problems, it is advisable to consult a doctor for an urgent intervention, but if not possible, so you can access to the following guidelines and see The treatment against hypertension.

       For the heart and circulation

1.    Make an herbal tea by putting in a liter of water, two tablespoons of red vine leaves, pieces of plant purse pastor, mistletoe and a tablespoon hawthorn flowers; 
2.    Boil for two to three minutes and infuse fifteen minutes or let infusing for eight hours; 
3.    Go and drink.

      Maceration of garlic

1.    Chop two to three cloves of garlic in half a glass of warm water in the evening, marinate overnight;
2.    In the morning, remove the garlic pieces and drink with juice of a lemon.

     For hot foot bath

1.    Use red vine; 
2.    Massage the left chest region and the chest with camphorated oil and garlic; 
3.    In case of pain in the heart area or low urinary put a poultice of ivy and brand on the left side of the chest or on the kidneys.

     Cures against infections and to support the general condition:

1.    Make elderberry decoction; 
2.    Infusion of thyme, queen-des-Pres, put two teaspoons of each in half a liter of boiling water; 
3.    Infuse ten minutes; 
4.    Go and drink three times a day; 
5.    In the evening at bedtime, infuse two tablespoons of solidago in a pint of water, boil two minutes and add two tablespoons of hawthorn; 
6.    Infuse ten minutes; 
7.    Go and drink mid-day and at bedtime.

     Cold sit bath

1.    In the morning if it fits; 
2.    Put alternately, Poultice of clay on the low abdomen and the liver for two to three hours.

      The digestive system

  1. Emergency cases;  
  2. Stop all feedings except the following:green clay to drink;  
  3. Drink plenty of lemon water; 
  4. Make herbal tea for the liver; 
  5. In case of constipation do an enema or take a laxative. 
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