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Friday, June 27, 2014

How to make good cure for sickle cell;

To cleansing the body and facilitating the movement;

 How to make natural cure for sickle cell?

What is the specific cure against sickle cell?

The specific cure against sickle cell, as the natural treatment should be conducted globally to achieve sustainable results see also Natural plant cure
1.    It includes aspects to cleanse the body and facilitate the circulation;
2.    Decongest the liver, the spleen and lymph nodes;
3.    Fight anemia, infections, and fatigue;
4.    Remineralize and revitalize the body;
5.    Aid digestion, calm pain, and joint inflammation.
  • Patience and shepherd's purse

1.    Boil two tablespoons of chopped roots of patience in a liter of water for two minutes;
2.    Add two tablespoons of shepherd's purse and infuse ten minutes pass and drink small sips, during two days before meals.
  • Wheat grass

1.    Boil a handful of chopped roots of crabgrass in a liter of water for a quarter of an hour;
2.    Go and drink at will by adding lemon juice.
  • Drinkable clay

1.    Prepare drinkable clay;
2.    Drink before meals, afternoon and evening.
  • Lemon Cure

1.    Drink fresh juice every day for two to four lemons diluted with water; 
2.    You can add honey.
  • Cure of cucumber juice

1.    Use cucumber juice;
2.    Drink half a glass a day of fresh cucumber juice mixed with carrot and lemon juice.
  • Hot bath feet of red vine:  

1.    Boil for fifteen minutes two handfuls of red vine leaves in two liters of water; 
2.    Pour this concoction in half a bucket of cold water;
3.    Plunge the feet or hands and feet; keep them in for fifteen to twenty minutes; 
4.    The solution can be reused two to three times before being renewed;
5.    But it must be warmed before reuse to just the desirable temperature.
  • To decongest the liver, spleen, lymph nodes:

1.    Use sage, borage, and marigold; 
2.    Put in a pint of boiling water two tablespoons of sage, boil three minutes and add two tablespoons of borage flowers and marigold;
3.    Infuse ten minutes;
4.    Drink several times in the day, after or between meals.
  • Artichoke and dandelion

1.    Put in a pint of water a tablespoon of artichoke leaves and two tablespoons of dandelion;
2.    Boil two minutes and let steep ten minutes;
3.    Drink a cup before each meal.
  • For draining the liver:

1.    Use lemon juice and olive oil; 
2.    To be alternated with drinkable clay morning on empty stomach;
3.    For cure of three weeks a month, take rest a week and recommence again.
  • For the spleen:

1.    Use borage, chamomile, and juniper berries; 
2.    Boil a liter of water thirty or forty of crushed juniper berries and three tablespoons of borage for five minutes;
3.    Add a tablespoon of Roman chamomile;
4.    Steep ten minutes pass and drink three to four times per day.
  • For lymph nodes:

1.    Use bladder wrack and sage; 
2.    Boil a liter of water four teaspoons of kelp wrack for five minutes;
3.    Add four tablespoons of sage, let boil for three minutes and infuse ten minutes;
4.    Pass and drink before or between meals.
  • To combat anemia:

1.    Use nutritional Yeast; 
2.    Take four to six teaspoons of nutritional yeast per day;
3.    Mixed with food.
  • To fight against the falsiformation red blood cells:

1.    Use Fagara roots; 
2.    Dry some roots of Fagara in the open air for three days;
3.    And macerate two handfuls of these dried, chopped roots in a liter of water;
4.    Drink three teaspoons for three times a day.
  • Fresh leafy stem of Fagara

1.    Macerate two handfuls of stems with leaves of Fagara in a liter of water for twenty four hours;
2.    Drink a glass of this maceration once a day.
  • Root powder of Fagara

1.    Reduce Fagara roots to powder;
2.    Take half a teaspoon three times a day;
3.    Mix with a little yogurt or porridge or water and drink.
  • Madagascar periwinkle

1.    Boil a handful of chopped plant in a liter of water for ten minutes;
2.    And drink three times a day.
  • To fight infections and fatigue:

1.    Use juniper and lavender; 
2.    Infuse ten minutes two teaspoons of crushed juniper berries and two tablespoons of lavender in a pint of boiling water;
3.    Drink three times a day before meals.
  • Milt

1.    Use milt capsules;
2.    Take six capsules of milt per day, by two capsules before every meal.
  • Camphor oil and garlic

1.    Use the mixture of camphor oil and garlic to massage the spine;
2.    At least once per day, up and down.
  • To remineralize and revitalize the body:

1.    Use soups and porridge; 
2.    Drink soup or porridge of boiled carrot tops, onion and tapioca; 
3.    Regular consumption of lemon and orange, parsley, radish, guava, tomato, fruit pulp of the baobab which is rich source of vitamin C.
  • Infusion of Rose hips and hibiscus

1.    Put two tablespoons of crushed berries rosehip and hibiscus’s flowers in a pint of boiling water;
2.    Leave ten minutes pass and drink two to three times a day with honey.
  • To aid digestion and bowel movements:

1.    Use digestive teas; 
2.    Coriander, anise, lemon balm, mint and basil;
3.    Put in three quart of water a teaspoon of coriander and two teaspoons of anise;
4.    Boil two minutes;
5.    Add three tablespoons of Melissa, mint, basil;
6.    Infuse ten minutes pass and take a hot drink with a little honey after meals.
  • To relieve pain and inflammation, internal and external treatment:

1.    Use harpagophytum; 
2.    Put one teaspoon of Harpagophytum root in a pint of boiling water in the evening;
3.    Let soak until the next morning;
4.    Go and drink three or four times before meals;
5.    Renew for twelve days.
  • Meadow-sweet

1.    Put five tablespoons in a liter of water just boiling;
2.    Close the container and cool;
3.    Go and drink during the day;
4.    This is a course of ten days.
  • Hot fomentation

1.    Soak a towel in a warm decoction of eucalyptus leaf or simply in hot water;
2.    Wring and apply moist but not steaming hot;
3.    Folded into two or four parts congests the body or painful;
4.    Repeat applications every two or three minutes for about fifteen minutes.
  • Poultice of crushed garlic and cabbage

1.    Take a green cabbage leaf, clean it, remove the big hill at the back of the sheet;
2.    Coat the inside with a mixture of olive oil and crushed garlic;
3.    Apply coated portion of the painful parts. 
4.    Place the first sheet of one or two leaves of cabbage;
5.    Fix everything with a bandage by a wide tape or fabric and keep two to three hours. 

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