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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The epidemic of malaria;

The relationship between malaria and poverty;

How does malaria become scourge?

Why malaria is considered epidemic?

 Real scourge of malaria: 
1.    Malaria is an infectious disease, transmissible and most widespread in the world. 
2.    According to the WHO, more than one hundred million cases are listed each year, including eighty-eight million in sub-Saharan Africa;
3.    Malaria poses a direct threat to more than two and a half billions people and kills may be more than two millions and a half every year;
4.    One million and a half in Africa, including mostly children less than five years.

Disease of poverty

1.    Malaria was discovered in 1630, it kills especially where conditions of poverty and malnutrition or the failure of the most basic possibilities of prevention are existed;
2.    This is a highly endemic disease in the tropical Africa;
3.    The favorable areas of malaria are the marshes and plains;
4.    Nevertheless mosquitoes that transmit the malaria are now found at 2.600 meter altitudes in Burundi and they are frequent throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia and America;
5.    WHO noted in Latin America in 1989 a virulence increase of malaria; compared to the situation in 1970.

Severity of the disease

1.    Malaria is also found under other climate in North Africa, Mediterranean, Europe, particularly during the warm period;
2.    Increased travel and fast transport leave no country immune imported cases of this deadly scourge.
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