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Saturday, June 28, 2014

How to treat malaria and sickle cell?

The basic treatments of plants for malaria and sickle cell;

The danger of malaria and sickle cell;

Malaria and sickle cell are diseases of red blood cells, which annually kill millions of people around the world, especially in tropical zones. 
1.    While the treatment of malaria with chemical drugs has serious setbacks;
2.    The trampling of sickle cell and its limit use for sedative effects.

Different between malaria and sickle cell disease

1.    Malaria affects indiscriminately everybody that the Anopheles mosquito inoculated parasites;
2.    While sickle cell is transmitted from parents to children.
3.    These two serious diseases are known to confuse medicine and have no safe remedies; 
4.    Recommended solutions consist of constant and taken regular medication, which may have serious consequences for the patient.

Serious risks

1.    Other remarkable facts in both blood disorders are able to achieve the spleen and the severity of anemia;
2.    Acidity and blood poisoning;
3.    More general disorders that deplete energy the patient and consequently crises increasingly violent.

Treatments based on the use of plants

1.    Failing to remove blood germs or harmful genes, the root causes of these diseases, naturopath offers ways to correct their chronicity and access control violent crises;
2.    While consolidating the organic terrain to increase strength and boost self. 
3.    It offers treatments based on use of herbal medicine, hygiene and food reform, valid preventive and curative. 
4.    The diversity of methods proposed and ease of use offer patients a chance to strengthen their defenses and avoid fatal. 
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