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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Species of plasmodium;

The factors of disturbance of liver function;

What are malaria and its causes?

The indirect causes of malaria;

Malaria is a disease of red blood cells, caused by parasites, of the genus Plasmodium, transmitted by mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. 
1.    There are four species of Plasmodium, but only the type falciparum Plasmodium causes the responsible accidents for high mortality rates; 
2.    So, it can be fatal in certain circumstances, especially in the first attack after infection, particularly in young and children, or people fresh date immigrant to the falciparum areas; 
3.    This is cerebral malaria, which can lead to coma and death if treatment is too late or not at all. 


1.    As soon as the female anopheles bites person bearing malaria; it absorbs his blood, containing germs, male and female, called gametocytes;
2.    In the gut of Anopheles, these germs become sporozoîtes, which will be inoculated into the blood of new topic bitten, with the saliva of the insect;
3.    The sporozoîtes penetrate easily into the cells of the liver;
4.    During one to two weeks, they multiply, undergo further processing and pass into the blood by interfering red blood cells, which burst producing toxic substances, causing fever or malaria access take a crescent shape and persist in the red blood cells without developing.

Other indirect causes

1.    The spread of malaria is from a subject infected by anopheles;
2.    But in areas where malaria is endemic and latent, people come to resist interference, because the primitive seeds remain in their bloods, without being able to move, but just a simple reason, as weakening organization for the seeds to get up growing and the severe crisis occurs;
3.    An infected liver with viruses, digestive problems occur such as colic, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, accompanied by fever, which favor the development of malaria, because the rise in temperature favors the development of falciparum Plasmodium;
4.    It should be noted that poor diet is one of the factors of disturbance of liver function;
5.    Exposure to cold, extreme heat, and excessive fatigue, overwork, the use of stimulants and overeating may after the first malaria infection cause regular interval crises, during several years.
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