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Friday, June 20, 2014

How to practice physical and respiratory exercises?

The benefit of physical exercises for rheumatics;

What are the general rules of hygiene?

Things to avoid
1.    Rheumatics should avoid exposure to cold, cooling, humidity. 
2.    They must be adequately protected by remaining in a temperature, high enough to escape shiver and shudder. 
3.    If they are lying, keep their feet warm with a blanket or a hot water bottle. 
4.    After a shower, they should wipe quickly. 
5.    They must ensure a full and proper physical rest, especially in acute diseases. 
6.    So go to bed early and get enough sleep after lunch and at night.
7.    Avoid taking tonic medicines, look also Outpatient care of rheumatism.

     Moderate exercises

1.    Every day, in regular times, if possible, you do some exercises; because immobility can cause ankylosis, so here is the importance of movements, especially bending or pedaling in the sunny areas. 
2.    The exercise allows full use of furnished nutrients to the body. 
3.    Exercises should be progressive and measured with arthritis and rheumatics, as muscle contraction produces carbon dioxide, lactic acid and pyruvic acids, which are very difficult to eliminate.
4.    This phase should be started, firstly with breathing exercises to provide body with the needed oxygen.

     Deep breathing formula

1.    Stand outside or in front of a window, in a stationary position. 
2.    Begin by exhaling slowly and deeply through the nose.
3.    In the end of exhaling, compress the chest, then fold the arms for good blowing out the air through the mouth. 
4.    Duration of this phase is six to ten seconds. 
5.    Once emptied the lungs, wait approximately one to five seconds and inspire slowly through the nostrils only, without raising the shoulders, swelling the lower lungs. 
6.    Then raise the sides, fill the chest. 
7.    Duration of this phase is ten to fifteen seconds. 
8.    Once the lungs are filled, wait approximately one to five seconds and exhale again. 
9.    Restart after eight to ten times.

  Physical exercises recommended

1.    When you are well trained to deep breathing, you can proceed executing daily joint exercises, which consist in moving joints in full, in every sense. 
2.    But be careful not get too tired.
3.    Just repeat each movement a score of times. 
4.    Then after, move to muscle exercises or practicing with dumbbells and weights or by using the weight of his body as resistance to support forward or against resistance. 
5.    Be careful, never force, to the point of having persistent aches. 
6.    These result from improper disposal of waste burning muscle.

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