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Monday, May 19, 2014

What are causes of bloods intoxications;

Rheumatism is an outbreak process of several harmful health factors;

Direct consequences of blood poisoning;

How to detoxify the intoxicated blood? 

Indirect consequences of arthritis:
1.    Accumulation of muscle and food toxins in the tissues blocks the blood capillaries in the vicinity of the joints, which deplete nutrients and oxygen.
2.    Slowing the flow of blood.
3.    Nerve’s intoxication threatens to asphyxiation of the muscles, which the contraction triggers severe pain, cramps, stiffness, soreness, crunches.
4.    All these will cause rheumatism, and hypertrophy of the muscle system, bone deformation, sclerosis and fat obesity.
5.    More so, those demineralize and decrease alkaline reserves.
6.    Inflamed ligaments can not properly hold the bones in place; they are easily moved by dislocation.
7.    Tendons calcify, harden, and may cause the solder of the bones, while the protuberances are installed on the path of the tendon, and see blood intoxication symptoms.   

Degradation of the liver:

1.    Liver is the first organ affected by arthritis, tired and overworked by increased labor, poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, and treatments by vaccines.
2.    It becomes unable to neutralize acid wastes and without being able to adequately transform nutrients.
3.    Dietary prunes change and alter the anti-toxic function of the liver, slow the biliary secretion.
4.    And in this case the gland hepatic passes in the blood serious and harmful poisons that cause allergic disorders or dramatic crises such as, gout whose signs are typical symptoms of liver attacks such as, digestive discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, pale stools, tongue loaded, dark urine, fatigue, hemorrhoid flare.  

Kidneys are also affected:

1.    Kidney deficiency causes auto-intoxication of the body, out of acid-base balance that promotes infection.
2.    In acute gout, there are severe kidney problems that impair the filter.

Indirect consequences of arthritis:

1.    The arthritic condition is also responsible for diseases of skin, eczema, cysts and fibroids, obesity or excessive thinness, baldness, hemorrhoids, bronchitis and tuberculosis or cancer.
2.    The acidification of the blood causes nervous disorders, failure of memory, headache, insomnia, fatigue. 

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