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Friday, May 23, 2014

How to make good diet;

The necessity to reform your food;

  How to make healthy diet?

 What is dietary fashion?

Dietary fashion:
The food fashion is a crucial thing in acute diseases as in chronic ones because it feeds the body and so responsible for more increases of the evil humors.

Dietary rule:

1.    The main rule of the diet in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism is to avoid overeating, because a tired body must be fed lightly or put on a diet, otherwise it can not recover. 
2.    The obese person, with rheumatism should lose weight by an effective and reasonable manner. 
3.    At the same time skinny people should not overfeed in order to grow, because they assimilate poorly and the wastes accumulate in their bodies. 
4.    So they need to refuel the body with beneficial foods and avoid unhealthy foods.

Intoxicant elements of the body:

1.    Avoid elements that intoxicate and acidify the body such as purine-rich elements and nucleoproteins.
2.    This may be converted into uric acid.

Foods of animal origin:

1.    The most dangerous foods are the extracts of meat, sweet breads and veal liver, anchovies, brains, herring, cod, sardines in oil, kidney, offal in Generally, meat especially pork, horse, beef.
2.    And pigeon, fish eggs, fatty fish, crustaceans and mollusks, grease, lard, cream, mayonnaise, fermented cheeses etc.

Animal cell degradation:

1.    Animal cell degradation produces a toxic substance that is neutralized in the presence of sulfur an essential mineral to fix calcium.
2.    When the body uses its own sulfur to neutralize the toxins of meat so there should be a deficit as the sulfur containing in medication can not correct this lack of sulfur.

Inappropriate consumption of proteins:

1.    Excessive or insufficient consumption in proteins is detrimental to the organic balance.
2.    Roasting and broiling with horizontal barbecue by charcoal increases the amount of prunes from meat and then the possibility of forming carcinogenic soot. 
3.    If food comes into contact with the flame, where the danger of broths, extracts of meat, gravy or barbecue can precipitate gout attack. 
4.    The solution is to reject the bouillon cubes, seasoning glutamate and begin the natural treatment by stopping the consumption of any meat or animal flesh at the beginning of the natural treatment during two to three weeks.

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